Monday, November 1, 2010

Saggubiyam Payasam / Sago Kheer / Tapioca pearls Sweet pudding

With the onset of festival season, there is always a time to make sweet dishes. There are so many we can make and when decision time comes along I am lost.
I made this as Prasadam the other day. Sago is one of my favorite item in payasam style. You can even make payasam by mixing semiya or vermicelli along with sagubbiyam. Either way it comes out perfect!
One of the easiest payasam to make using tapioca pearls. There are many variations to this payasam. I made it using some jaggery and sugar, but you can use only one, either sugar or jaggery, just increase it according to ur taste for sweetness.
Using saffron is also optional.


1/2 cup Sagubiyyam / sago / tapioca pearls (Soaked for atleast 1/2 hour)
1 - 1 1/2 cup milk
pinch of cardamom powder / Elaichi powder
pinch of Saffron
1/2 cup jaggery / gud / gur / belam (optional, or you can use 1 cup sugar)
1/2 cup sugar

1 tbsp broken cashews or cashew halves
1 tbsp raisins, golden preferably


Soak Sago for atleast half hour in enough water.
Drain water and boil it in enough water till they are  almost cooked.
Add milk and let it simmer till milk comes to a boil.
Add sugar and cook till it gets thick.
Add saffron and cardamom powder.
Add roasted cashew and raisins.
Remove from heat and serve.
Serve hot!!..If it get thick after cooling, add some milk to loosend it up.

Here are other Prasadam or Naivedyams you can make...

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  1. sure is a treat...delicious payasam!!

  2. I usually top these with fresh fruits. Looks awesome. Umm umm good!

  3. This is my most favorite payasam..looks so delicious and very festive..lovely presentation Smitha!

    US Masala

  4. mmm love the saffron strands and the nuts on the top.. fabulous payasam.

    Aaha Oho

  5. This is my fav payasam too, they look super yum!

  6. I normally make this but with sugar...but adding the jaggery have given it the lovely colour....i just love looking at it.


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