Monday, November 15, 2010

VARO - Indian Praline / Brittle / Chikki with Mixed Dry Fruits / Diwali Sweets for ICC

Varo, I realized is a kind of a brittle / Chikki which we have enjoyed a lot when we were kids. Peanut chikki, cashew nut brittle to name a few. It can also be made into ladoos.
Mixed dry fruits was going to be something new. This is also a dish which is enjoyed for Diwali as a festival dish.
Even just nuvvulu or sesame seed brittle, chikki or ladoos are made. Its even yummy with just puffed rice or murmuralu.

I am glad I got to try to make this dish for ICC for November, hosted by Srivalli. Only thing I didn't  know was that it was going to be so easy to make it!
It also came out so beautiful that I couldn't help but take so many pictures.

The brittle/ Praline which I have enjoyed as a kid was made with a mix to jaggery and sugar or only jaggery. This is the way the make in sweet shops in Andhra. When Jaggery is used the brittle is more brittle or on the soft crunchy side.
This varo is made entirely using sugar, so it made it extra crispy and crunchy. The addition of poppy seeds gave it a nice texture and taste.
I took it to out Diwali Potluck Party and everyone enjoyed it!

This recipe we got for ICC was from Simply Sindhi Recipes. I followed the exact same measurements and the recipe.

Only change I made is using grated coconut / coconut flakes instead of sliced coconut, because I didn't have any sliced coconut at home!
I used parchment paper to put the nut mixture in between and rolled it out with a rolling pin. You can do this or use a flat bottomed cup to flatten it out.


Mixed Nuts:

1/3 cup Almonds, I used slivered almonds
1/3 cup Pistachios, chopped
1/3 cup Cashews, I used broken halves

2 tbsp coconut flakes or grated coconut
2 tbsp white poppy seeds

1 cup sugar
1 tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp ghee, clarified butter


Keep all ingredients ready. If using a parchment paper and rolling pin, keep it ready too, otherwise a flat surface and flat bottomed cup. Once the nut mixture is ready, you will have very less time to transfer and flatten it out.

Melt sugar (without any water) in a heavy bottomed pan, with ghee and cardamom powder, on low heat. Once it melts, keep stirring and it will soon change color and caramelize.

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well to coat all the nuts. Remember to do this very fast, since the mixture will start to harden. Do this on low heat, so that it will be easy to mix.

Once all nuts and properly coated, immediately put it in between the parchment paper and roll it out with the rolling pin to desired thickness. It will immediately harden, so be quick!

Cut into squares or diamonds shapes using a knife. Let cool and serve! Enjoy!!!


  1. Wow... your praline cuts are perfect... I had a hard time cutting the praline.

  2. You have got it just perfect ....they look great!

  3. U got the prefect shape, cant stop munching them na..i enjoyed this challenge thoroughly..

  4. Yes i agree with priya u got a perfect shape nice one I enjoyed making and munching it it's realy yumm.

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  6. they look great and came out perfect!!

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    US Masala

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