Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Limkilu / Diamond shaped Maida cuts or chips

Here is the beginning of the week and by the end of the week, I need to make 3 savories and 2 sweet dishes as Diwali sweet dishes this year, like every year that is. So that means I have a hectic week ahead....So when is Diwali? Friday is the big day.

Staying in US, home away from home, trying to keep the tradition and our culture alive by celebrating it like we used to when we were kids! We will light some sparklers, only sparklers are allowed in our neighbourhood, so a "noiseless" Diwali. Unlike in India, where we can hear loud 'Dhamakas' at every corner of the street, thats' surely missing here in US. Sweet making and going around to relatives place and even friend's place to give sweets is one thing I miss here too. My small friend circle is all I have to be thankful for every year and for keeping me sane :))

I am starting my 'Pindivantalu' series for Diwali with - Limkilu, one addictive Diwali savory! In our Mom's house, this one dish which is surely made for Diwali and I continue to make it for every Diwali. Its one of the dishes which my kids enjoy...well they will enjoy anything crispy :)...More over I guess they are looking forward to more crispier and spicier snacks I am going to make like chekkalu and mixture!

This is a easy snack to make with a very few ingredients. The only difficult part is rolling out the dough very thin. Since its all purpose flour or maida, it tends to shrink when ever its rolled out, so it does take some time to roll it out thin.
I only put vaamu, ajwain or carom seeds and salt in it along with some ghee, but if you want to make it spicy, go ahead and add some chilli powder to it!
The amount of ghee I add is about 1/2 tbsp to every cup of flour. You can increase it or decrease it as you like it!
Ghee can be substituted with hot oil too.:)


3 cups of Maida / all purpose flour
2 tsp vaamu, carom seeds, ajwain
1 1/2 tbsp ghee
salt to taste
required amount of warm water
oil for deep frying


Mix all ingredients together with warm water to form a soft dough. Leave aside for atleast 20 mins.
Take small pieces of the dough to roll out thing like paper. Use a knife or pizza cutter to cut into diamond shape pieces.
When the oil is hot enough, fry the pieces till golden brown.
Remove onto a paper napkin. Let cool, then store in an air tight container.
These will keep good for atleast 3-4 weeks. Serve as snack with tea or eat it when you feel like it :)) Enjoy!!!


  1. Hey mom makes them sweet and savory...they just melt in your mouth...planning to make the sweet one

  2. delicious we make this for the festival

  3. my mummy makes it sweet....same like urs...just puts it in sugar syrup in the end....
    great share.

  4. Feel like munching some, very tempting crispy maida cuts..

  5. Ya me too..I make it sweet and savory....only savory is more preferred at home :))

  6. Delicious and tasty snack.I made a different version of this.

  7. Love this namkeen!! I make it both savoury and sweet.

  8. I love these mom used to make the savoury one and the sweet ones these just looks so perfect.

  9. Love the diamond cuts..very inviting..missing my home

    Aaha Oho

  10. hey hi smitha i am new to this blog , yeh this dish looks gud , in karnataka its called shankar poli its made both hot n sweet, u made m remember this surely today i give a try:)


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