About Me!!hmmm...well I am a stay at home mom with a love and passion for cooking and dancing, an odd combination? Now after 2 kids and so many years of inactivity (tho I was working at some point, I do call it being not active), I am learning classical dance (Bharatanatyam) now. I am music and movie freak too :)

Coming to cooking, which I do most of the time, I love to try out new foods and also experiment with new recipes whenever possible. I have 2 boys (7 and 2) who are picky eaters and their father who loves home cooked food. When he starts to cook (he too likes to cook, whatsay!) the competition starts between us :) Coming to the blog, it was in a thought process for quite some time now and has come into being now! I am originally from Hyderabad, so I am hoping for it to be a simple blog with everyday home cooked food, fusion cooking, easy cooking and my experiments in the kitchen. I say easy cooking cause I know many people don't have much time to spend in the kitchen. They want food which is ready in less time and also which tastes yummy like I do!:) I invite suggestions, new ideas, and anything revolving around food and any comments to make this blog better. So Enjoy!!!