Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chekkalu / Vada Appalu / Spicy and crunchy rice and lentils flats - version 2

I have already posted Chekkalu before, so this is more like reposting it with a few changes. Thats why I called it version 2.
We are used to calling it vada appalu from our childhood. I still like to call it so :)
Another dish or pindivantakam or pindivantalu, we make usually for Diwali. But its not restricted only to Diwali, make them whenever you please.
Today I been making it and my little one eating them as I make it!....Thats when I get satisfaction that my kids eat and enjoy what I enjoyed as a kid.

In my previous post I mentioned that it can be made in 2 by making your own rice flour at home or by using the store bought rice flour.
This time too, I have made it using the store bought rice flour for convenience.
The only other equipment or gadget required is the tortilla press or the roti press. But surely it can be made with out using that too...that is by using your hand. when making by hand, use water lightly to press them down into shape.
While using the press, use oil lightly to press down.

For a step by step, refer to my previous blog post!
Recipe for Version 1

Only difference from version 1 to version 2 is that I even added a bunch of coriander leaves to be ground with ginger, jeera, green chillies and red chillies.

Rest of the recipe remains the same.
The more pappulu or daal you add, the more crunchier it is!!
Serve as a snack with tea or eat it when ever you feel like it and Enjoy!!!


  1. yu,, one of my friend brought me this from Chennai with lots of black pepper.. it was really good :)

  2. First time...U have a wonderful space here....Loved the Diwali snack...looks great...

  3. So crispy thattais, feel like munching some..

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  5. We are post such type of recipes in our blog.
    Thanks for share.

  6. How wonderfully done, very happy diwali Simtha with all these goodies bet you will have great Diwali :)

  7. My favourite snack!! Love them spicy!!


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