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After a week long of posting one crunchy and other crunchy, I at last came to the end for which I have been making all these crunchies...that's 'Mixture'.
One of probably most loved snack in our country! Tho there are many more loved snacks, this is the one which we would go to the sweet shop and not come out without getting a bag of yummy crunchy deliciousness!

Every sweet shop and every Mixture maker probably has their own version of what to use in a mixture and probably it changes from time to time. Its the same with me. I don't make it the same everytime either.

Under the category 'Mixture', you can also add Chivda, Cornflakes mixture, Sabudana mixture, and many many more.
Some are very easy to make and some like this one are time consuming. It took me 3 hours from start to finish cos I made Ribbon Murrukku, Boondi and Sev also the same day. Also frying the daals, sabudana, cashew nuts, peanuts take some time.
I have always made it this way, so I am used to it.

I won't tell you what you should add to the mixture, its always your choice as to what should go in it. It should be of you liking as you are going to make it and enjoy it later on!
I won't even tell you how much of each should go in there, that too depends totally on you. I am only going to what I used, and please feel free to omit few or add on a few more.
In the end, I have given some tips on to how you can make this easier, so here goes the ingredients for my MIXTURE.

Ribbon Murukku Recipe

Sev Recipe

Boondi Recipe

Prep before:

- If using whole daal, soak a night before or atleast 4-6 hours in water. Just about an hour before, remove and air dry on a paper napkin.
- If using split channa daal and moong daal, soak 1-2 hours before. Air dry for atleast 1/2 hour.

Here is what all I used:

Ribbon Murrukku
Thin Sev
Cashew Nuts
Golden raisins
Whole Moong Daal
Whole Lentils or Masoor daal
Fried Gram or Putnal pappu
Nylon Sabudana
Murmaralu or puffed rice

Chilli powder
Salt to taste

For Tempering:

crushed garlic
Dry red chillies
bunch of curry leaves

Oil for deep frying

Can also be added:

Thick poha
Corn flakes
Channa Daal
split moong daal


Make Ribbon Murukku, Sev and Boondi. Keep aside. Break Ribbon Murruku into small pieces about an inch long. Crush the Sev to small pieces.

Fry Nylon Sabudana in Oil (be careful as these pop sometimes). Remove on a paper napkin.

Shallow Fry the soaked and air dried Whole moong daal and whole lentils one after another, NOT TOGETHER. Each daal takes a different time, so frying them together may not be a good idea, as one might get cooked and other may not. And also they do take a long time to become crunchy. For me it took me whole 10 mins to fry one batch. I kept checking from time to time if they were crunchy or not.

- - If using split channa daal and moong daal, fry the soaked and air dried daal one after other.

- - If going to add Poha or cornflakes, fry in oil and remove onto paper napkin.

In an other pan, add only few drops of oil and roast the puffed rice till slightly brown. Remove and keep aside.

Add few more drops of oil, roast the fried gram till slightly brown. Remove and keep aside.

In a few drops of oil, fry peanuts till they are lightly brown, add cashew nuts and fry till brown, add the raisins and fry them. Remove all onto a paper napkin

Add some salt and chilli powder on each dish before mixing them together. You can always add them when each dish is hot. You can also add few curry leaves at a time.

Now for tempering. This step is optional, but garlic surely gives a nice smell and taste to the mixture.
In a few drops of oil, add the crushed garlic and fry till brown. Add few dry red chillies and curry leaves and saute for couple of minutes before adding to the mixture.
Mix everything together carefully.
Serve as a tea time snack, or eat whenever you feel like it!

Tips on how you can make it in a easier way:

You can use store bought boondi, sev, murrukkus, Fried moong daal etc.,.
You can substitute one or more ingredients with the store bought stuff and it will be easier and less time consuming.
If you feel any of the store bought stuff is not fresh enough, Shallow roast them in little oil. This will make them crunchy and taste fresh again.
To add your touch to it, don't forget to temper it with garlic and adjust the spiciness by adding chilli powder to it!


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