Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sev - Version 2

I have blogged Karampoosa / Thin Sev before. So this is a 2nd version of Sev.
Mixture cannot be complete without sev. It gives the body for mixture.
There are so many versions of making this too....Like I said before, however you make it, it has to be crunchy in the end.

The reason I used equal amounts of besan and rice flour is because, I get too bored with the taste of besan when eating mixture. This way, the besan taste doesn't get stuck in your mouth. And in mixture, there are so many tastes and textures going on...I just like it this way.

Its very easy to make, just be cautious while using hot oil to knead and also when pressing the sev into oil, cos the oil tends to rise up immediately. Don't put too much oil in the kadhai and don't press too much sev into the oil.

My kids love to eat sev or karampoosa just as a snack too. So whenever I make this, I tend to make more and leave some to the side and mix rest into the mixture, that is if I am making mixture too.

Sev - version 1


2 cup besan
2 cup rice flour
salt to taste
3-4 tbsp hot oil
2 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp hing
warm water to knead

Oil for Deep frying


Mix all ingredients together. Add in the hot oil and knead it with warm water.
Using the thin holes achu of the muruku press, Press out sev in hot oil. Be careful as the oil will rise.
Turn over and fry to golden brown on both sides. Remove onto a paper napkin.
Serve after it gets cool, as a snack or mix it up in mixture.


  1. They looks so so beautiful, crunchy and yumm. Wish i could grab one of those ...

  2. Smart hi,

    I was searching Spicy Flavours and found your blog

    It really looks great ...

    Nice efforts, Can i have a request... it would be great if you can join Spicy Flavours

  3. woww... im a big fan of sev.. this looks like the one we get from sri krishna, coimbatore..

  4. so crispy and absolutely crunchy looking!

  5. Looks delicious!!Do drop by
    when u find time

  6. How did u make them so perfectly in round...looks great!

  7. @ Ananda...Just going round n round in the round kadhai..;))


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