Friday, October 29, 2010

Creamy Carrot Soup from Chef In You!

A cold evening is a perfect invitation or hot delicious soups and sunday was a such a day! Nothing would have done me better than a hot creamy carrot soup from Chef In You!

I had this in mind, when I saw the T&T event on Priya's Blog, brainchild of Zlamushka, now taken over by Lakshmi of Kitchen Chronicles. Only I didn't have a perfect day or time for it than last Sunday.

I didn't make much changes to it, just followed the recipe. Its a perfect fall recipe with beautiful color and consistency.
I only increased the amount of carrots used to 4 instead of 2, to get more carroty flavor. Other than that, didn't change any thing.

Recipe Source

Talking about comfort food, is there anything better than a bowl of hot carrot soup and Bisi bele bath.

Verdict: Loved it!!... It was very comforting. We added few croutons to it...soup without croutons is a nono...:)) and a side of garlic bread! Yum!!

So what ya waiting for....make a bowl for youself and Enjoy!!!

Sending this also to Torview: Food Palette, Series Orange
Also to Dish name Starts with C @ Akila's Kitchen


  1. It is really creamy...yummy n nice color!!

  2. this looks fantastic lovely orange thank you for linking

  3. wow soup looks so gorgeous ...delicious n creamy ...yummy

  4. creamy and yummy soup...very inviting!!

  5. Woww super delicious soup...looks very inviting..

  6. The soup looks so delicious. Perfect for halloween.

  7. This looks wonderful Smitha! So hearty and comforting. I would like to curl up with a big bowl full on a cool night :)

    US Masala


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