Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coconut - Sooji Burfi (Microwave Recipe)

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Pink being the color of the Breast Cancer awareness campaign and October being "Pinktober" month...I was looking forward to adding pink to a dish I was going to make!
So this dish is decicated to this awareness program and to the lovely world of Microwave cooking!!
Before this I was not aware that I could use my microwave to make so many yummy dishes! So here comes one more.

I had used half a can of the sweetened condensed milk to make DK's Eggless Chocolate cake, and there was another still staring at me everytime I open the fridge. So decided to use it all up before it dries out or get eaten up just like that BY ME!
Went ahead and made this yummy sweet by putting together some sweetened coconut flakes, sooji and the remaining condensed milk.
The result was a yummy, chewy coconut sweet.

It took about 14 minutes for it to cook in the microwave. I kept stirring it every 3 minutes in the beginning and then every minute towards the end. Use a big microwave bowl to prevent spill over.
Its a good treat for a evening snack, potluck or as a dessert for the sweet toothed!! It even makes for a good kid's finger food!


1 1/2 cup sweetened coconut
1/4 cup sooji or ravva
1/2 can milk condensed milk, 7 oz
14 oz water (I used the can for measurement)
1 tsp elaichi powder
3 tbsp butter
red food color (little as to get the pink color)
golden raisins and coconut for garnish

Time in Microwave: 14 minutes (adjust accordingly to your microwave)


Mix all ingredients together in a microwave safe bowl.
Stir in the red food color, only so much as to get the pink color.
Microwave on high for about 14 minutes.
I stirred it every 3 minutes in the begginning and then every minute after 9 minutes.
Grease a plate with couple drops of ghee before spreading the mixture on the plate.
Garnish with coconut and raisins. Even cut into pieces before cooling.
Serve after it cools...Enjoy!!!

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