Thursday, October 7, 2010

My day of Baking!!

This is not really going be a recipe post!!
All I did today was go the easy way...Used some bookmarked recipes which came from my friend and for easyness sake, used store bought cake mix. And more over the icing was home made...not by me but another good friend of mine offered to do it!! Thank you!
All I did was mix colors into it and frost the cake.

I got this pretty cool mould couple of weeks back. It was a cup cakes car mould, which I thought would be cool for my younger son's third birthday which is tomorrow!
So pretty much used the store bought cake mix, baked in the mould and used my friend's icing for my son's birthday cake...which by the way he will be cutting in his play school tomorrow!

Another good friend baked a beautiful 'Banana bread' it was sooo yummy, moist immediately emailed her for the recipe, which she immediately emailed me back, thanx a lot to her!!
I baked that too today....followed the exact same recipe, no did come out beautiful!!
Recipe Source!

Thank GOD for good friends right :))...Thank you all...Love you guys!!!

So here are the celebrity pics!!


  1. Hey Smitha, Car came out pretty cool. Did awesome job on decorating. Looks like you used green for tires. Looks good

  2. Hi Smitha,
    Beautiful clicks and nice idea to bake the cake.
    Wishing your son a very happy birthday.

  3. Wow...cake looks awesome n delicious...nice decoration n colours...happy b day to ur kid :)

  4. Woww car cake looks soo cute, beautiful frosting and yummy cake..My birthday wishes to ur son Smitha..

  5. That's a great looking cake! And nice to see you were quite frank abt it :)

  6. Very colorful and kid-pleasing cake.... very inviting & great presentation it.:-)

  7. Cute post..many happy returns to your son..everything looks so vibrant ,colorful n yummy..great job!!

    US Masala

  8. Happy Birthday to your son !! Lovely cake !!

  9. Wow!! excellent best wishes for your son!

  10. give my birth day wishes to ur little prince ...cake looks very cute...


  11. Cakes look lovely! Love the texture of banana bread..nice!

  12. awee that is cute cake and banana cakes looks yum!

  13. Luved watching all those clicks...beautiful cakes


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