Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Greek Salad

For the 3rd day of the blogging marathon, here is a quick, simple salad to put together!
Good examples of foods rich in fiber are fruits and vegetables, which are actually freebies for diabetics. You can eat how all fruits and veggies.

Salads are the best. Fruit for a snack should be medium sized and can be considered as 15g of carbs. There are few fruits which have a low glycemix index and those can be consumed in a larger quantities than some others like a banana. A banana is rich in potassium and other good minerals, so don't exclude it but eat a medium sized one.

Fruits which are low in glycemix index value are cherries, apples, plums etc.,.

So what is Glycemic Index? Its a value given to a edible item to show whats its value in raising your blood sugar. That is how I see it!!!

The lower the GI, the better it is to eat that particular item. Which means that when you eat that fruit or veggie or for that matter, grains or lentil, they don't immediately shoot up your blood sugars unlike if you eat rice which will raise your blood sugars immediately and also it will remain in your blood for a longer time, which is not a good thing!

So here is a salad which I personally like, tho I like all salads, especially fruit salads, I like Greek salad the best, because of the feta cheese, and peppers. Its a very simple salad and easy to put together.
Low GI and lots of fiber, whats not good about a salad!!!


Bunch of roughly chopped lettuce
few cherry or grape tomatoes
few kalamata olives
couple pickled peppers (optional)
few chopped red onion and green bell pepper
Sliced cucumber
crumbled feta cheese
sprinkle of dried oregano
Greek salad dressing - 1-2 tbsp


Chop lettuce and mix together with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, chopped onion and green bell pepper. Lightly toss with Greek salad dressing. sprinkle crumbled feta cheese and dried oregano. Add Pickled peppers if needed.
Serve chilled. Enjoy!!!

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  1. sounds so simple and exotic!! Ya and as you mentioned most non-starchy veggies are freebies.

  2. Wow the picture looks fantastic Smitha..very clear!..

  3. One of my most fav salad- Looks soo inviting:)
    US Masala

  4. wow perfect colorful n very tempting toooo

  5. Very healthy and colourful salad! It's very nice!

  6. Yum...Everybody loves a good Greek salad and yours looks delicious. My skinny recipe has been one of the more popular salads on my site.

  7. looks amazing!!n wat is this greek dressing??....wud love to try this.

  8. Trader Joe's had low fat feta cheese. I like to use the regular version though because the full fat version tastes better and the fat in the cheese actually slows down the insulin spike that comes with consuming carbs.

  9. I love any kinda salad and Greek is one of my favorites... Refreshing recipe...

  10. Smitha love the colourful salad.....

  11. Very healthy n refreshing salad, looks marvellous..

  12. This is my kind of salad...How could I resist this with all that feta cheese on top :-)

  13. Love the color of this salad. Drooling at the crumbled feta..if my mouth was a vacuum it would selectively fish out all the cheese and leave the lettuce leaves behind..LoL. I like dark leaves in a salad..;)

  14. wow..salad looks so delicious and tempting....awesome clicks too,,,,:)

  15. looks so colorful, refreshing and healthy!

  16. so refreshing and healthy salad !!

  17. Your salad looks colorful and reminding me of the summer days ahead. :)
    And regarding your question of washing quinoa. I read that the saponins, the bitter coating of quinoa is removed after processing in USA and then sold commercially. I have noticed that the stuff I buy at whole foods is not bitter. Atleast so far. I do wash a couple of times if using in stew kind of dishes and avoid it while roasting or grinding in dry form. I have no problems with unwashed quinoa. Will check FB for the thread later.

  18. Your salad looks like its from a gourmet restaurant with a minimum prize tag of 8$.. Looks delicious.

  19. Tempting, crunchy salad. It can make a filling meal during summer.

  20. Lovely hearty salad..looks colorful n delicious...:)

  21. I love greek salad- minus the cheese, of course. I loved your idea of adding pickled chili for an extra kick, aha!

  22. What a colorful plate...thanks for all the enlightenment on glycemic index...
    Breakfast Club - Pancakes

  23. I was never a big fan of salads but lately, am loving them! Salad looks good!

  24. U r about to ruin my diet smitha...:) Tempting me to have a bite..

  25. pretty looking salad i say ...would love to dig into it!


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