Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simple, Easy and Fun to make Churros......... and me back!!!

Hi Everyone! and yes I am back after a very long period of gap.....moving from east coast to the west coast is a very big job and takes a long time. But it did happen and has happened smoothly, Thanks to every one's well wishes, we are here still settling in the Bay area, getting used to the weather, which actually needs very less getting used to since its beautiful weather down here which doesn't go up more than 70-80 degrees even in the summer season.

But I do miss my hot summers back in the east coast! my home and my garden tooo....but more than everything else...I miss my friends back home...Guys I really miss you all! :(

This moving has kept me on my toes for a long time and getting settled in a new place all over again has me nervous sometimes and then there are tons of boxes to open and arrange and adjust in the 'small house'...Gosh how will I ever accomplish that!

And then, I missed blogging and being in touch with all my readers and I couldn't wait to come back to write a post, for which I did do a lot of thinking, cos I wanted to do something special for a come back post!

So last weekend, we happened to have a amazing churro to bite into...and gave me an idea, why not try to make it at home...well I did know that it wasn't that hard to make, so why not try it out. The only other encouragement I got was that my kids even loved the idea of making it at home.

I have always seen churros being sold on side stands at piers or beaches or at fairs. They are also eaten as breakfast or even as a snack during any time of the day. I dont mind having then as a snack any time. You can eat them plain dipping them in a chocolate sauce or melted chocolate dripped on them lightly!

So after some research, I settled on Daisy Martinez's recipe from Food Network.
It seemed pretty easy and fun to make. Only thing I thought was that 4-5 eggs were a lot and I didn't want the eggy taste, so I used only 2 eggs. I had also seen recipes using 2 or 3 eggs, so I took this step. I even found a recipe which used no eggs at all...but I was scared that the churros would come out tough. Well I will try that soon and let you all know if with eggs or no eggs is better. :))


1 cup water
4 tbsp unsalted butter
2 tbsp brown sugar (I used light brown)
1 tsp vanilla extract 
1/4 tsp salt

1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted

2 eggs, beaten
Oil for deep frying

To coat: Enough Cinnamon and sugar to suit your taste.
a pastry bag fitted with a big star tip


Heat oil in a frying pan.
In a medium sized pot, bring water, butter, brown sugar, salt and vanilla extract to light boil.
When the mixture starts to boil, add the sifted flour and mix immediately using a wooden spoon continuously so that no lumps are formed.
Remove from heat and add the beaten eggs and mix immediately to get the eggs incorporated well into the dough. You can also do it in a stand mixer if you wish.
Carefully spoon it into the pastry bag fitted with big star piping tip.
Carefully squeeze 5-6 inch long strips into oil.
Let them cook until they are brown on one side before flipping over to brown on the other side.
When they are brown on both side, remove onto a paper napkin.
While they are still hot, toss them in a paper bag containing sugar and cinnamon. Dust the excess off and serve warm.
Serve warm with hot chocolate dipping sauce or eat them just like that.
They are crispy when eaten warm.


  1. just saw them on nigella's kitchen and you are tempting me again with these. awesome dear.

  2. Moving is always tough, that too cross country must have been an experience. Churros look crispy and yummy.

  3. looks so yum - ready for it now!! welcome back

  4. Welcome back sweet girl! Lovely churros!

  5. Welcome dear !! Churros are very new to me !! so crispy and looks yummy !!

    Ongoing event -- CC-Appetizers

  6. Welcome back Smitha, I've been meaning to make this churros for a while now, but never got around ... Love love this..

  7. Mouthwatering delicious :D ...welcome back akka

  8. Welcome back dear. U have come back with a perfectly gorgeous recipe. Looks so yum. Loved the dipping sauce

  9. Welcome back, I just love churros a lot. looks yummy.

  10. churros looks delish smitha and glad to know u have settled & looking ahead ! wishes

  11. love this combination churros look fabulous

  12. Wow - they look so tempting!!

  13. Hey Smitha, welcome back sweetie. You were missed! Good to know you are settling down well in your new home.

    Hmm, churros sound intriguing... never tasted this before. But the pictures are sure tempting me and I wanna try this soon!

  14. Welcome back dear ~ missed your presence in the blogsphere! Glad to know you are settling down ~ the churros look super addictive!
    Looking forward to all your yummy posts! Take care.


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