Friday, April 15, 2011

Egg Masala / Masala Guddu

Even though I make hard boiled egg curry dishes very regularly at home, I realised that I don't have many on the blog. Its just due to laziness or cooking late, that I don't take any pictures.
I make fried eggs, egg pulusu, onion and eggs curry and so on and so forth! :)

Making egg dishes is very easy, so I make them when I am absolutely out of time and need and quick dish. And I think for situations like this 'egg purtu' or 'egg burji' or and hard boiled egg dishes work fine with me.
My Older one has no fuss in eating any egg dishes, but I still struggle with me younger one! At least I have no problem with one! :)

Cooking egg perfectly, so that they are not over cooked is the tricky part!
I learnt neat trick from Racheal Ray's 30 minute meals -- > Boil the eggs in water until the water comes up to a rapid boil. Then remove flame, cover and leave it so for another 10 minutes. This gets the eggs to perfectly cooked state.
Cooking of boiling eggs is OK, but I always have trouble peeling, if you know what I mean! I heard that it also depends on the freshness of egg, so maybe it not totally my fault that I cannot peel eggs perfectly!! :))

For Egg masala, I ground the onions and tomatoes for a smooth gravy, but if you don't prefer smooth gravies, don't grind them, just cooked them till they are cooked!


6 eggs, boiled and shell peeled

To be ground in paste:

2 medium sized onions
1 - 2 tomatoes ( depending on how tomatoey you wish)
4 green chillies

1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin, jeera powder
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp - 1 tsp chilli powder
1 /2 tsp garam masala powder

few curry leaves
chopped coriander leaves for garnish
1 tbsp oil
salt to taste


Hard boil the eggs. Peel the shell, make slits and keep aside.
Grind the onions, tomatoes and green chillies.
Heat oil in a open pan.
Fry the eggs in the oil, slowly turning as the sides get brown. (This is a optional step, I fried them to get the fried texture to the egg. If you don't prefer it, don't fry it.)
After they are brown, remove and keep on a paper towel.
To the same pan with the remaining oil in it, add the curry leaves and ground onion paste.
Saute until the rawness of the onion and the smell is gone. If it gets thick and starts to stick to the bottom, add water little by little.
Add all the powders to the paste, mix well and saute till cooked, for about 5 min. Add little water if necessary.
Add the fried eggs and cook till the eggs are coated with the masala. Cook for another 5 minutes.
Serve with roti or rice or even with Biryani!


  1. Love the Masala Eggs. One of my favorite! Yum!

  2. Looks fantastic!!!
    Prathima rao
    Prats Corner

  3. This is my fav side dish with roti n rice...Looks yummy and tasty!

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  6. Very delicious. I cannot cook this right now at home but will surely do so later.

    As regards peeling of boiled eggs try adding a tblspn of salt to the water in which you are boiling the eggs.

  7. My all time favorite with aapam... Looks mouth watering...

  8. Salivating here, my fav,can have it with anything..yumm!

  9. Looks very delicious. Can have it with anything.

  10. smoking spicy :) would love it with parota, simple recipe thanks for sharing

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  12. Simply delish egg masala and the timing is spot on—just before Easter!

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    First time here..u hv a wonderful space..visit mine as time permits..following u

  16. Yummy masala guddu. Awesome and is so tempting.

    Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran,


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