Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A lovely Eggless Chocolate cake for T&T from Chef in You

Its the first time I am taking part in a Tried and Tasted event. I have always thought about it but never found time to actually do it...I know its a lame excuse...but its true...yada..yada..yada
So this time, I went ahead and baked a lovely cake from DK's Chef in You for T&T, hosted by Priya, brainchild of Zlamushka currently taken over by Lakshmi of Kitchen Chronicles.

There were always a few blogs which I used regularly check from time to time prior to my blogging days and this was one of them. When I was going over as to what to make from the site, and something simple and quick, I settled on the yummy baked items here and the Eggless Chocolate Cake was one of them.

I am sure my kids are going to enjoy this thoroughly, thats why I stopped at this for today and had all the ingredients on hand!:))

Followed the recipe step by step, no changes...very easy, will be ready in less than 40 mins.

I used a 9in  round pan, using a smaller pan will give you a thicker cake. Buttered and floured the bottom and sides for baking. Dusted only powdered sugar on the top after baking.

Verdict: This recipe is a keeper...The cake is so very moist, soft and fluffy, its just heavenly!! Thanx DK!! :)) ...and the cake is going to disappear faster than I blink!



  1. Decadent,soft n perfect cake..very beautifully done Smitha!

    US Masala

  2. You have captured the moistness of the cake so well smitha. I am so happy to note that you and your loved ones enjoyed this :) Thank you so much for the good words :)

  3. Enjoyed eating it :-)


  4. This is really making drool :-)
    such a lovely cake smitha..parcel me some :-) and great click too..

  5. That is one fantastic looking cake Smitha.

  6. Hey Smitha,thanks for stopping by,you can see the comments under the individual posts,it's not showing up in the main page.Yummy chocolate cake,looks delicious.

  7. Looks really moist and delicious, well done!

  8. soo simple and easily presented....gr8 ur space

  9. First time here Smitha & u have a perfect cake for navrati days..eggless!
    Looks really soft & beautiful!


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