Monday, October 4, 2010

Cucumber Raita / Cucumber in yogurt

Raitas are the best accompaniment to any dish, especially to biryanis, fried rice or pulavs. There are so many types of raitas made from so many dish ingredients. Its basically what you like and what tastes good put together in yogurt to form raita.
Since its made in yogurt, it good for your health too.
Here is present to you cucumber raita. I have previously posted onion raita. Its almost the same, just made with cucumber.
There are different ways you can make can cut cucumber into small pieces or even shred or grate it! I have chosen to chop it into small pieces, I like it the chunky way. If you like tomato in your raita, go ahead and add it. I didnot add it in this recipe.
I like it simple, spicy and thick, not too runny!
I like to eat raita even with chapathi, roti or any type of parathas too. You can also add some grated carrot to it for color.


1 cup of thick yogurt
1 big cucumber or 2 small ones, chopped or grated
1 small onion or 1/2 of big onion (red onion preferably), chopped
2 green chillies, chopped
1 tbsp of chopped coriander leaves
salt to taste
few drops of lemon juice


Mix all ingredients together with yogurt. If you like it little runny, add some water to it.
Add some lemon juice, so that it little bit soury! :)
Serve with
Mutton 'Dum' Biryani
Hyderbadi Chicken Biryani
Vegetable pulao
Peas fried rice
Peas pulao

Methi Besan paratha
Stuffed spring onion and besan paratha
Aloo paratha
Methi paratha
Gobi paratha



  1. That looks soooo refreshing..I especially like the consistency of your yogurt!

    'US Masala

  2. Hi Smita,

    That looks so beautiful...Lovely presentation dear...


  3. My fav raita, looks absolutely delicious, Smitha..

  4. Delicious to have it with biryani..ymmmy!!

  5. Definitely it goes very well with briyani's, I like to have these raita with chapathi's too, very delicious.

  6. Hi Smitha.. glad u liked the dum aloo recipe.. regarding your question about peeling the potatoes..the traditional recipe calls for peeling the potatoes..but i guess you can try it without or may be you can try scraping some of the peel off..hope that helps..:)

    US Masala

  7. So creamy raita perfect combo for pulaos


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