Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First Event Anouncement - "MEC - Festive Dishes"

Its that time of the year again!! Beautiful weather (here in New England, its fall time, beautiful colors), lovely breeze, days getting shorter, nights getting longer reminding us that winter is around the corner. Its time of festivities too. Starting from August, all thru January, there are numerous festivals celebrated in India and around the world. Starting with Vara Lakshmi Pooja, Ramadan, EID and Vinayaka Chathurthi, carrying on with NavRatri, Dasera, Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Year's and ending with Sankranthi in January.

Did I miss any in between, please remind me!!! I get too carried away!!

In India, its the time to celebrate with neighbors hopping in, relatives stopping by, people coming and going, with Dandiya ras going on around the street corners and Crackers exploding high in the sky as well as the ground, WATCH OUT!

Here in US, house being decorated with colors of the fall and harvest season, pumpkins and mums, looking forward to lights being put up for Diwali, Christmas and New Year!

With this I bring you to my first event anouncement, Microwave Easy Cooking - FESTIVE DISHES, THANKS to Srivalli from Cooking 4 all Seasons for asking me if I could do this. I was more than elated in the beginning, but later the nervousness dawned on me!!
Can I succeed?? Well we shall see in the end!!!

I am sure with so many festivities going on, you all have cooked day in and day out and also worked hard on your recipes. So here is a chance for you guys to showcase them!

Since I am including all the festivals during this time, I will be accepting both VEG and NON-VEG recipes.
ALL DISHES must be churned out from your MICROWAVE AND MICROWAVE ONLY! NO STOVETOP AT ALL FOR THE WHOLE RECIPE. Tho you can use blenders, mixies, food processors, BUT NO STOVETOP!

So bring on all the DISHES, be it Snacks, Tiffins, Sweets or Savories, high calories or low, katta or Namkeens made in your Microwave and lets have fun celebrating this festive season.
It will be a chance for rest of us to get to know new dishes, so BAKE it, STEAM it, COOK it, make it easy in a Microwave and live "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" :))

Rules are as follows:

1. VEG and NON-VEG DISHES accepted

2. All cooking must be done in the MICROWAVE only, that is final product must come out of the Microwave. Blenders, mixies, grinders, food processors allowed! Imagine you are left alone on an island with only a MICROWAVE and the ingredients!

3.MULTIPLE entries are allowed.

4.Entries from archives allowed, as long as its reposted with LOGO and LINK.

5.LINK back to this announcement and Srivalli's MEC announcement page in your post.

6.Use of LOGO is mandatory, fun way to spread the word around!

7.Sure you can send in posts you sent to other events!.. No probs at all!

8.NON-BLOGGERs - Welcome and please do send in your entries...good way to showcase them and be PROUD of them!!!

9.DEADLINE is on the 31st of OCTOBER...I will surely accept entries sent on the last minute of that day too!! ;))

10.After POSTING, EMAIL me the following details @ with MEC-FESTIVE DISHES as the subject....(psst: I do read all other mails please feel free to drop in any questions or comments)

Your Name:
Your Blog's name
Your Dish:
Your Dish's URL on your blog:
Your Dish's celebrity Picture:

11.CLICK on the FOLLOW button (top right hand corner) to keep track of the event!!(REFRESH ur page and you just might see it!!)

Send me comment on Facebook or on my blog if you can, otherwise too I will send an acknowledgement of your dish being recieved. Let me know if I didn't reply back or post it on the Blog page!
I will be posting the links and celebrity pics as I get them on a different page on my BLOG and an round up at the start of the November.

So join in and let all celebrate the Festivities together with MEC-FESTIVE DISHES!!


  1. That was pretty cool Smitha..thanks for joining the wagon!..:)..You have summed it up very well!

  2. HI Smitha
    Wonderfully written.
    All the best for the event dear.

  3. Hey i am in...All the best gal..i know u can do it :)

  4. Nice event dear...u can count me too in it.

  5. Great event..will try to send something:)

    US Masala

  6. Happy Hosting smitha,my first ever event was MEC too ;)

  7. Thanx guys!!....I need ur support!!:))

  8. Great event..will try to participate smitha..happy hosting!!

  9. New to participate in events,but any how will send them,the first i participated was complete my thalli-pickle event,the second is this one.

  10. Sounds like a great event! I'll have to skip it though, I've not mastered the art of the Microwave yet. Please invite me to your next one :)

  11. intersting event,try to send my entry...


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