Saturday, September 11, 2010

!! Happy Vinayaka Chavithi !!

Lord Vinayaka is the first and foremost God, who is prayed to before all Gods. The cute elephant headed god, son of Godess Parvathi and Lord Shiva is widely worshipped as the God of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. Today being Vinayaka Chavithi/ Ganesh Chathurthi, Here is a small prayer to Lord Ganesha....

Pranamya sirasa devam,

Gauri putram, Vinayakam,

Bhakthya vyasa smaren nithya,

Mayu kama artha sidhaye.

The learned one, who wishes,
For more life, wealth and love,
Should salute with his head,
Lord Ganapathi who is the son of Parvathy.

Prathamam Vakra thundam cha,

Ekadantham dveethiyakam,

Trithiyam Krishna pingalaksham,

Gajavakthram Chathurthakam.

Think him first as god with broken tusk,
Second as the God with one tusk,
Third as the one with reddish black eyes,
Fourth as the one who has the face of an elephant.

Lambhodaram panchamam cha ,

Sashtam Vikatameva cha,

Sapthamam Vignarajam cha,

Dhoomra varnam thadashtamam.

Fifth as the one who has a very broad paunch,
Sixth as the one who is cruel to his enemies,
Seventh as the one who is remover of obstacles,
Eighth as the one who is of the colour of smoke.

Navamam phala chandram cha,

                                             Dasamam thu Vinayakam,

Ekadasam Ganapathim,

                                               Dwadasam the gajananam.

Ninth as the one who crescent in his forehead,
Tenth as the one, who is the leader of remover of obstacles,
Eleventh as the leader of the army of Lord Shiva,
And twelfth as the one who has the face of an elephant.

Dwathasaithani namani ,

Trisandhyam ya paden nara,

Na cha vigna bhayam thasya,

Sarva sidhi karam dhruvam.

Any one reading these twelve names,
At dawn, noon and dusk,
Will never have fear of defeat,
And would always achieve whatever he wants.

Happy Vinayaka Chavithi To everyone!!!

Rest of the recipes coming soon! Enjoy!!!


  1. hi Smitha..
    thankq for the lovely post ,ganesha looks so divine n love the way u present the puja n prasadam...happy vinayaka chathurthy to u n ur family too


  2. Very nice. YOu have made so many prasadhams.

  3. Smitha..what a beautiful post!..loved the decoration..loved your sweet dishes..thanks for sharing them.

  4. Hi Smitha,
    can you tell me how did you hang the paalavelli,its beautiful,
    thanks in advance

  5. Just jung it from the wall on the side. because its four sided, it just sat there with the support
    of the walls. but its delicate, couldn't hang anything but flowers from it, absolutely no fruits.


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