Friday, September 24, 2010

Spicy Mango - Trinidadian style

Yummy Spicy Mango...I can still taste the spice in that thing....Got this at the Carribean festival I went to a few days back...bought back childhood memories....
While in Trinidad, on weekends when we had nothing much, all we did was make this spicy mango and devour it!!
Back then we made it with crisp raw mango, only now I know that it can even be made like this.
The raw mango gave it that katta spicy soury flavor, this had a sweet spicy flavor. Both are equally enjoyable. There was even another fruit we used back then - a ripe 'Pomorac' it was called, another name Trinidadian apple. Had a pear shape, but red skin and white and crisp inside! It was also very delish when made like this!
This spicy mango has very few ingredients and is made with the hottest pepper you can find around. In my knowledge, the "Scotch Bonnet" pepper is the spiciest, "Habanero" being the second.
This has Scotch Bonnet in it. This pepper even has a very different flavor and smell to it and boy is it spicy!!!!
When my Mom first didn't know about this pepper, she made daal using couple of whole pepper which had to be dumped cos it was very spicy!!
Its very easy to prepare. Has only the following ingredients: Garlic, lemon juice, salt, Scotch bonnet pepper and cilantro, everything roughly chopped.
That day was the best....enjoyed the whole cup myself, cos no one wanted to have it after one piece!! Well we all even had Kobbari Bondas (whole coconut), Sugarcane and SITAPHALS (Custard Apple....Ahh...I miss this fruit...very difficult to find in US).

I will make it sometime and post more pics....I think crisp green apple will also taste good...what say!?

Here is the WIKI on Scotch Bonnet Pepper! Read and Enjoy!!!
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  1. Droolz! looks lovely and tempting!

  2. cucumber does well with this recipe as well ... replace the mango with strips of cucumber ... delish! in trinidad we used "bandhania" instead of cilantro ... you can sometimes find bandhania in asian grocery stores by the name of "culantro"

  3. Yeah Pooja...I remember we had loads in our backyard! "bandhania"...tho I havent seen any here!!

    Thanx Kothiyavunu and Pavani!

  4. I love contrast in the flavours as in this.

  5. Beautiful looking spicy mango, lovely dish..

  6. Nice post.. I think the pomerac in India is called a "jambakya" in the might get it in Asian stores here in US.. byt the way, you get a version of sitaphal called cherimoya in whole foods and other asian or gourmet is very expensive, but it is available. I miss it now.. in Kerala, we used chilli powder/salt/coconut oil concoction to make the raw mangoes spicy.. your recipe is a tad different.. thanks for it.

  7. Thanx all...tnx anon for the input!

  8. in hawaii I found pomerac being sold as "forest apples" ... I bought a bag of 20 pomeracs for 2 bucks and believe me I made chow and ate most of it on my own ... vinay was laughing his head off :-) ... well he had his papayas (6 for a dollar) and I had my pomeracs :-)

  9. Aaha..that is a mouthwatering dish..very very tempting!

  10. Wow, yumm Spicy Mango recipe Dear.Delish!


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