Monday, September 13, 2010

Making of home made rice flour

Store brought rice flour is conveniently available to us in the Indian grocery stores. But for our Indian style dishes which require major portion of rice flour, this store bought rice isn't very useful. The dishes usually turn out harder and don't stay in shape too. For this reason, I tend to make home made rice flour when its required to make Indian sweets or pindi vantalu. Its not a very difficult process but surely its a time taking process. Preferrably make it the day before using it or just before making your dish. Its basically because of the moisture in the rice flour.


Rice....use any rice available

Equipment: Sieve....preferably one with tiny holes like the Indian one

Method: Soak rice over night or for at least 6 hours. Put it out to dry on a cotton cloth for about 1/2 to an hour. Grind it into powder using a dry grinder. Sieve it thru using the sieve until only coarse rice particles remain. You can grind this again until soft or use the coarse rice ravva to make other dishes. Most of the sweets require the soft ground rice flour. Spread the rice flour out on a big plate or tray to dry. This can be used immediately or with in the next day. After couple of days of drying, it is too dry for the Indian sweets, but can be used as the regular rice flour.
Store in an air tight container.


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