Thursday, December 2, 2010

Easy, simple, Refreshing Cucumber Sandwich - Indian Movie Theater style

Today its going to be a simple and quick post, as its my hubby's Birthday and I have lot to do.
Something which I dearly love, a easy, simple and refreshing Cucumber Sandwich. Mostly truly I love the sandwich which we used to get at the movie theaters in India. I donot know if they sell them at the snack stands, but surely you would get this in any snack stands.
Its very simple to put together. Add couple of tomato slices and take it up a notch.
Ingredients are simple too...everything which usually is in your fridge and pantry.
I didn't add any lettuce as I  just like it with cucumbers and tomatoes, but you are free to add it if you want to! :) You can also add slices of cheese if you want to.

I didn't even toast the bread...but toasting bread would make the bread a little more firmer, which is a good thing.
Using thick yogurt will make the yogurt paste nice and thick to spread on the toasted bread.


to grind to paste:

4 tbsp of thick yogurt
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1 green chilli
a sprig of mint or pudina leaves
4 sprigs of coriander leaves
1/2 tsp lemon juice

Half cucumber cut into slices
couple of tomato slices
2 slices of bread

Method to put together:

Toast the bread and cut of sides. Grind the above grindable stuff to paste.

Spread paste on one side of toasted bread. Arrange the cucumber slices and tomato slices on the bread.

Spread paste on the other bread and top it on the cucumber and tomato slices.

Cut and Serve. Even makes for a picnic sandwich, when wrapped and stored. Cut into even small triangles for kids.

Sorry about the shaby egde cutting by moi!!!! :))


  1. I love these and your look so good.
    B'day wishes to your hubby again.

  2. I think this item is one of Jagan's favorite item. Will try this

  3. simple yet delicious one i love them anytime!

  4. delicious! could have them anytime of the day :)

  5. These are really refreshing.. I like the combination of mint and cool cucumbers..

  6. Yumm, i want to have this sandwich rite now..

  7. Simply Delectable!! This is a perfect anytime of the day for me..:)

  8. I love it...great with the mint chutney and tomato sauce.

  9. delicious combination of flavours looks yummy

  10. Delicious - makes me want to catch a good film and munch:)

  11. Believe it or not this is actually my most fav sandwich..haven't made it in a while, thanks for the reminder!
    Many Happy returns to your hubby..have a great time :)

    US Masala

  12. good one ! love to dig in to them anytime !

  13. yumm..yumm..reminded of the sandwich walas in mumbai...the sandwich looks absolutely irresistible.

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