Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indo - Chinese ~ Chilli Paneer

When I saw chilli paneer on Rak's blog...it was so tempting and I had to make it for our Indo-chinese style dinner...No way I could miss out!!
So bookmarked it and made it...it was sooo good I think I ate most of it.
I liked the way the Rak's blog recipe was made in a small quantity, more like a trial version and if we like it further we can always it much more quantity later on.

I am not going to again post the full recipe as I have not made any changes to it except for using Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato sauce for the regular tomato sauce which was asked for in the recipe and didn't use coriander leaves, but instead used spring onions.

You can hop over to Rak's blog for a step by step procedure on how to make the Chilli Paneer in such a easy way. Here you can drool on the pictures....

Changes I made:

Tomato sauce : Maggi Hot and Sweet tomato sauce
Instead of coriander leaves used chopped spring onions
NO Ajinomoto used
garlic : 3 cloves, chopped

Verdict: It was very easy to make and came out perfect. I made it in two steps....I prepped the paneer way before I actually made the dish. This way I could get other stuff out of the way and making this dish is quite simple.
It was spicy and dry dish which made it a combination along with the rest of the dishes I made for that day!

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  1. dear, that is super and mouth watering. Because you used this recipe from someone else and posted on a Tuesday, please feel free to link it back to our bookmarked recipes event and add your entry there :)

  2. Simply delicious and lipsmacking chilli panner..even i made this for dinner last night!

  3. thanks dear for linking it back to us. You added it twice on Mr. Linky, I will delete one :)

  4. Smitha, on bloggers meet, we are planning the next one in Spring, most likely sometime in April, no date decided yet, we will do that closer to the time. Please do let me know if you have sure shot plans of coming to LA area and we will be more than happy to include you and meet you :)

  5. dear, Dec meet is already over. We had it last Saturday, sorry that you missed it.

  6. this is drool worthy for sure...love!

  7. Wow looks so delicious..love to have it right now!

  8. You have a lovely blog Smitha and i am happy to follow you...All your recipes looks yummy..

  9. Slurp, very inviting chilli paneer..i need some..

  10. Enjoyed browsing ur space and u have wonderful recipes,glad to follow u :):)


  11. My all time fav.. yummy pics!!

  12. Smitha,thanks so much for trying so soon and making a post too! Thanks a lot for the link love! :) Your version sounds pakka indo chinese,loved the variations,I too avoid using ajinomoto mostly :)

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