Monday, December 6, 2010

Indo-Chinese Style Chicken manchurian ~ Semi-Homemade

Indo-Chinese is always my favorite, other than mexican food ofcourse. so its obvious I choose this cuisine when I wanted to make a special dinner for my hubby on his birthday. He also like it too, so it was a good choice.
Cooked all the good stuff which I will post one by one all this week.

I used the 'Banne Nawab's chicken Manchurian mix'. I came across this about couple years back and its been one of the best mixes for chinese manchurian I have used. Its very easy to use and has good directions. I only used more than the recomended ingredients to make it more delicious. Like they don't ask you to use onions, green chillies, garlic or spring onions, but I do, to make much better and spicy.

If you don't find this particular mix, you can try the many other brands that the available in the market, like Knorr or Ching's. Ching's is also good too. I use that for vegetarian dishes.

I love semi-homemade stuff...cos it makes life easy when there is a time crunch! So go ahead and try it, it will be easy.


1 lb boneless chicken, cut into small pieces
1 egg
2-4 tbsp water
1 packet 'Banne Nawab's Chicken manchurian mix'

1 onion, chopped
3-4 garlic, chopped small
3-4 green chillies, chopped
2-3 spring onions chopped
oil as required

Instructions on packet:

Mix 'pouch 1' with 1 egg and 1 tbsp water (But I use more) with the chicken pieces and let them marinate for 1 hour. (you can leave it for marination for longer)

Mix 1/2 cup water with 'pouch 2'. (this can be done after frying the chicken)


Shallow fry the marinated chicken pieces in the oil.
Remove excess oil and leave about a 1 tbsp of oil.
Saute the onion, garlic and green chillies a bit before adding the pouch 2 mix and bring it to a boil.
Add the fried chicken pieces and mix well to coat all chicken pieces untill absorbed.
Add the chopped spring onion and mix well before removing from heat.
Serve hot with Chinese style rice or noodles or just plain rice. Enjoy!!!


  1. Slurp, very inviting chicken drooling here..

  2. Nice recipe....surely using the mix makes it easier...gud click.

  3. I have never used Banne Nawab spice mixes, are they worth trying? What is your suggestion?

  4. This might have been a quite the treat for a B'day!! Lovely!!

  5. @ Mona : I have only tried couple of their spice mix..chicken manchurian being one and the other chicken 65 or tikka i don't remember....but we are hooked to the manchurian mix but didn't like the other one as much...let me know if you tried any other...they do have biryani mix and so on!

  6. Delicious chicken manchurain daughters fav, she is sitting next to me and saying very tempting can u pls make this..he he :-)

  7. Lovely manchurian...looks mouthwatering

    Aaha Oho

  8. Fingerlicking good ..A family fav here :-)

  9. am hungry wanna grab that plate :)

  10. nice recipe and appetizing plate of manchurian!!

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