Friday, August 27, 2010

Help me name it!! - Mexican party scoops?! - Appetizer

I am not very big microwave user, tho I do use on a daily basis to reheat dishes, but not for preparing a whole dish in it. On top of that, that here we can use it only use it only as a microwave and not as a oven too. In that way I like the Indian 2 in 1 microwaves, use it even for baking. Isn't that great, conserving space too.
As I was thinking what to make using a microwave, I came up with 2 dishes which are both going to Srivalli's Microwave Cooking- Potluck Party.

The first one is a simple appetizer, which can be made using a variety of ingredients and also has a Mexican touch to it. I am sure everyone will enjoy it.
But you what guys...I don't know what to name it??...

This idea I got from a friend. She had made something like this before, I just added a few more ingredients to it!
Its very simple to make. You can always keep all your ingredients ready before the guest arrive and pop them into the microwave when they have arrived!

Here are the Ingredients:

Tositos Corn Scoops (which are shaped like a bowl, but regular corn triangles can also be used)
Black beans
Salsa ( I used the Trader Joe's Habanero - Peach salsa)
Jalapeno slices, cut into halves (but if you dare, use the whole slice)
Shredded 3 blend Mexican cheese
Sour cream
Chopped spring onions for garnish

Assembly or Method of Assembly : ;)

Into eash scoop, put a few black beans. Top it with the salsa and the jalapeno slice. Sprinkle it with the shredded cheese. Pop it into the microwave for about 30 sec or till the cheese melts. Garnish with Sour cream and chopped spring onions and Serve. Enjoy!!!

Tip: You can make your own salsa or any kind of dip, I have some posted on this blog!
You can use other ingredients like, onion, fresh cilantro, fresh tomatoes etc.,.
Just don't make it way before you are to eat it, cos the chip will get soft and soggy with the salsa or the dip!!


  1. Wow that looks out of the world!..thanks for the lovely dish..I guess you can call it as party Scoops no doubt..:)


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