Monday, August 2, 2010

Mango Ice pops with a Blueberry on top! :)

The mangoes ripened quite nicely....didn't want to see them become too ripe. So my dear husband made juice out of it. And it was his idea to have the blueberry on the top. It did look lovely until it went down our mouth, cos then it was heavenly.
There is seriously a big difference using fresh mangoes and canned pulp....tho in some cases we don't have a choice. We can always adjust how much sugar to add... We didn't add any to the pops, so its all fruit and ice.
We put the fresh blueberry into the mould first, then added the mango juice. Froze them for almost a whole day. We did have some difficulty getting the pops out, not all came out in perfect shape. Problem I think was with the mould...*note to time use bigger and better moulds :).*

Ingredients for mango juice:

Fresh ripe mangoes - 3, peeled and all the pulp removed
ice and water
few fresh blueberries for the pops


Make thick mango juice with ice and some water. Add blueberry into mould and then pour the juice. Cover and freeze for a day before enjoying them.
Serve cold on a hot day...Enjoy!!!


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