Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back again, Hosting Kid's Delight & Starting BM # 16 with Mango Shrikhand with Greek yogurt

Writing after a long time...hmm I am having to think what to write. There is a lot to put into words, but it going to take some time to get my flow back I guess!
With so much happening, my motivation had been at it highest low...hmm is there anything as 'highest low'...well you know what I mean...I am trying my best to get back and pursue my interests and get back in line of doing what I like to do and enjoy! Well that doesn't happen much does it? with kids running around and or rather me running behind them keeps me occupied for the most part!
Then, come some other stuff which I need to remember to remind my self to let go...just let go....that will surely will keep me a happy person! But that doesn't happen much either does it!!
Well that's OK, I guess that's how life is, cruel and mean sometimes and sometimes the best!!
So coming out of my philosophical mode, I am back again, with two things happening here on my blog.

I am hosting Kid's Delight, the theme being What Kids Love....for Summer! Such a beautiful topic and at the right time, don't you think. One of the best events here for kids started by Srivalli of Spicing your Life.

Here in US, Summer vacation is just about to start, well maybe in another Month, where as in Indian, Summer vacation is just about to finish. Well do the kids care??? Noooo...Summer vacation is all about enjoying and making some of the best memories of your life with their friends and family. This goes with the older adults too!! We like to do the best for our kids, take vacations, go on picnics, parks, hiking , swimming and the best of all - cook the most wonderful and most delicious food around this time. Well why don't we take the opportunity and advantage of this special time and do just that!

COOK, or rather MAKE or rather CREATE the fun foods enjoyed by our kids, their friends, nephews, nieces and all the other kid's who join in to have the fun during the summer vacation. It can be sweet or savory, hot or cold, baked or cooked, veg or non-veg...anything the little kids love, something easy and fun to eat as quickly as possible so that they can get back to doing what they were enjoying!

I remember when we were kids, hunger was the last thing on our minds, and eating was the last thing we wanted to do! This gradually changed when we got older and we started cooking for our friends and having fin during summer. So kids of different ages like different stuff, so be creative and have fun with them, include them in your kitchen projects, this will surely get them interested too!!

Just don't forget to send them over here, I mean to my email Smitha(dot)joga(at)gmail(dot)com

What Kids Love...For Summer!

Few quick guidelines:

Veg and Non-veg dishes are accepted

Should be kid approved dishes

Sweet or savory, hot or cold anything is possible

Last date for sending in entries to above email id is 15th June

Non-bloggers are also welcome to send in their entries to the above email id (please send in a picture with your recipe)

Only 2 archived recipes will be accepted if they are reposted with the logo and link to the event announcement

Linking each entry to this page is mandatory and use to logo will be highly appreciated!

I hope you guys will join me and make this event successful!

Coming to the BM# 16, another event started to Srivalli, which I have been participating on and off, but I wish I could be more regular, but I couldn't!! This time around I decided to do it again and for the first week of the marathon, I will be posting recipes for the above event Kid's Delight - What Kids Love....for Summer!

Whats' summer vacation without enjoying the yummiest fruit which is available during this time...Yes I am talking about MANGO! Here is a simple and easy dessert which is usually made during the season of mangoes - Mango Shrikhand or Amar Khand, which is a dessert made of mango and thick yogurt or Greek yogurt.
And who doesn't love flavored yogurt? Kids love it a lot and the simplicity of the dessert and even the easiness to make it, makes it so wonderful!

This can be made even when mangoes are not in season, by using canned mango or even frozen mango slices, but using fresh mango beats it all! Powdered sugar or confectioner's sugar is used to sweetened this, but I used only honey, which suited us just fine, since the mangoes were enough sweet too. A touch of cardamom and kesar (saffron) makes this so delectable and heavenly!
And why only as a dessert? can also be eaten as a snack! Its healthy and has the goodness of honey which is also a great summer cooler. Sure hit with the kids!

Serves 2


1 cup of thick yogurt (I used Greek yogurt)(or you can always hang the yogurt in a cheese cloth for 4-6 hours, so that all the water is drained out)
pulp of one sweet mango (more or less depending on your taste and sweetness of the mango)
Pinch of cardamom powder
pinch of kesar, saffron strands
Chopped nuts (optional)
1 tbsp of honey (more or less depending on your taste)


Using a hand blender I pureed the mango pieces to pulp.
Then mix the rest of the ingredients, except the nuts, using the hand blender.
Pour in serving bowls.
Add nuts or garnish the nuts on top. You can add extra mango if you wish.
Chill in refrigerator until to be served.
Can also be served with rotis or pooris!...tastes heavenly!!

Check out what the other marathoners are cooking up in their kitchens here.


  1. Wow..So creamy and delicious.

  2. Just drooling after looking at your yummy looking shrikhand. Lovely pics as well.

  3. Yummy. Will wait for your entries dear.I need the inspiration

  4. Wow smooth and creamy my favorite too great....

  5. looks so nice and creamy and I have both mangoes & Greek yogurt in the fridge

  6. Lovely shrikhand! I tried it with the greek yogurt but I felt the regular home made yogurt tastes better. Did you think so too?

  7. Love Mangos ...looks amazing. Nice!!! BTW, I'm hosting this month's
    WTML event & giveaway . If interested, check it out.

  8. I always make saffron but never mango, must make it this summer.

  9. Highly inviting shrikhand, simply love it..

  10. Looks delicious and creamy,kids love it...

  11. Interesting combo... i have chosen this theme for this week.. will send in my entries at the end of this week

  12. Thanks for hosting Smitha, and that Mango Shrikhand looks so tempting..I love that and end up making it just for myself..:)

  13. greek yogurt is such a lovely thing to have. i hate the process of making hung curd. this looks divine.

  14. Lovely combo. Rich and creamy shrikand.

  15. wow....waht a lovely creamy n delicious....drooling over the pics dear :-)

  16. Yummmm! when i was a kid, my grandfather used to buy me aamrakhand regularly...this makes me so nostalgic :)

  17. The shrikhand makes me go week in my kness. I absolutely love this and my kids also love it. I cheat them at times by giving Dannon Fruit yogurt as fruit shrikhand. MY elder son says Peach shrikhand is his all time fav. The clicks are way too tempting.
    Love Ash.

  18. Very creamy and delicious shrikhand..loved your wonderful blog :)

  19. i m a shreekand addict smitha.. and that bowl of shrikand looks scrumptious!!


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