Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots of awards and a Tag

Over the last couple of months I was generously showered with awards and me, being so lazy, posting all of them only now!! Sorry guys!!

I Thank each one of you and also all my readers and commenters for your continuous support. This is the best place I could ever be. All the new friends I have made over the months and those who have become my good friends, here and on facebook!
Thank You guys!
New people I have met through the blogging marathons and new blogs I come across everyday, I love reading all your blogs and enjoy them thoroughly...tho I don't leave messages on each blog, due to time constraints and other obligations, I do go thru each blog which I follow in my reader, whenever I get time!!
All the effort and time put into this blogging world is totally appreciated and a wondrous job!

Here are all of them. If I missed out on any, I am sorry! Just let me know!!!

So coming to the awards -- These awards were given to me by the following friends...please to visit their wonderful blogs and check out whats cooking in their kitchen!

Harika of Harika's Kitchen
Minu of Chettinad Fiesta
Archana of The Mad Scientist's Kitchen
Vimitha Anand of My Culinary Trail Room
Krithi of Krithi's Kitchen
Reshmi Mahesh of Fun with Fud
Priya Srinivasan of Enveetu Kitchen

Above Awards and Tag from Uma of Trendy Relish

Participation award from Kurinji of Kurinji Kathambam

Coming to the Tag, I have to share 7 facts about me.....I already wrote about it in my January's post....You can read about it here. All the 7 things about are there and nothing's changed :))))

I am passing all these awards and the tag to all my readers and followers, please feel free to pick them up and put them in your blog....I wouldn't be here if not for you guys!! Thank you muah muah xoxoxo!

But since I have to choose 15 goes!

Divya of Divya's recipes

Priya of Now Serving

Vijitha of A Foodie n her Cooking Hat

Rachu of Amma and Baby

Devi of Devi's Blog

HGourmet Foodie of Healthy Gourmet Food, Cooking and Tips

Sravs of Srav's Culinary Concepts

Priya Sreeram of Bon Appetit

Krithi of Krithi's Kitchen

Harika of Harika's Kitchen

Tahemeem of Not So Gourmet

Plateful of Plateful

Savitha of Savitha's Kitchen

Shanavi of Kitchen Secrets

Prathibha of The Chef and Her Kitchen


  1. congrats smitha.. wish u many more!! keep rocking.

  2. That's a long list of awards :) You deserve every one of them. Thank You so much for passing it to me, it means a lot coming from a fellow blogger friend. Iam hoping you will get many more in the future!!!!!!

  3. Wow congrats Smitha dear - what a marvelous way to start a weekend - for you and for me, because of you generosity :)

    Thanks sweetie and wish you million more awards :)
    Hugs, priya

  4. After joining this blogosphere, there is nothing else that makes me happy than reading others blogs and drooling over the pictures of dishes.. and if i get an award.. ahhh its the topping for my muffin! Congrads on your awards.. you deserve this and much more! Thanks so much for sharing it with me dear.. you rock!

  5. Congrats on ur award...thanks u so much for sharing it with me dear....

  6. Congrats dear... You deserve this and many more awards to come... :)

  7. Thanks Smitha! and congrats to you. You really deserve them.

  8. Hearty congratulations on ur award and thank u for sharing thi with me.Here is my answers for the tag

  9. Congrats on ur awards, u truly deserve them..

  10. so many awards.... congrats dear...

  11. Congrats on ur award and wishing u many more dear :)

  12. Congrats on the well deserved awards Smitha!

  13. congrats on the well deserved award

  14. Congrats on all ur awards dear.... and thanks a lot for sharing them with me ... am honoured and really excited :D

  15. Wow, that's an award galore- congrats girl!! I was happy to have a lil peek at your personality and I loved what I learned. I have to say that I share your love for romantic novels :)...traveling, staying fit...! Sweetie, thanks a ton for generously sharing your awards with me- I'm really touched!!

  16. Hi Smitha! congrats on all the awards!.. like all your new recipes... thank you so much for remembering and sharing it with me :)


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