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Suruttai Poli ~ ICC

This Febuary's ICC (Indian Cooking Challenge), started by Srivalli. She chose Suruttai Poli, recipe for which she recieved from her friend and fellow Blogger Nithya's Mom.

The name poli, had me confused until I read the technique and recipe for it.
Its more like a stuffed and rolled poli, the poli is used for the rolling.
It sounded and turned out more like a kajjikaya. But Kajjikaya are deep fried after stuffing, here the poori is fried before, then stuffed and rolled. So there is a huge difference.:))

I like it nutty with all the nuts, thats why the change the stuffing a bit and added all the nuts to make it nutty!
Below I gave the original recipe and also my recipe of ingredients. So please use which ever you wish. I am sure you will enjoy both, cos both of them taste equally good and yummy!
I added only 1/2 cup sugar, which I found was enough sweet for me, but if you like it more sweeter, please add some more.
I fried one poori, rolled it quickly before fring the nexr one...thats better so that they don't crisp up and are flexible!


Dough for Poli: (papad, appadam, appalam)

1 cup Maida, All Purpose Flour
pinch of salt
water for kneading

Oil for deep frying


Knead all ingredients together into a smooth pilable dough. Keep aside for 30 min.
Roll out into thin, papad like pooris. Leave aside on a paper for about 10 min.
They should be very thin, so that they shouldn't puff up like a poori when fried in oil. They can have bubbles here and there but they shouldn't be like a puffed up poori.
Makes about 12-15 small pooris, depending on the size.

For stuffing:

The recipe asks for:

1 cup roasted gram, fried channa daal, putnala pappu, chutney dal
1 cup sugar
20 pieces cashew nuts, broken
1 tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp scarpped coconut
1 tsp ghee

My changes to the ingredients:

1/2 cup fried channa daal, roasted gram
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp cardamom powder
1/2 cup mixed nuts (pista, slivered almonds, broken cashew, golden raisins (Kismis))
3 tbsp dry grated coconut

Method for stuffing:

Grind together roasted gram and sugar in fine powder.
Mix with cardamom powder and mixed nuts along with dry grated coconut.


Oil should be on medium to low heat. When you drop a small piece of dough, it shouldn't immediately come up.
Fry the pooris in deep oil.

They should only fry for about less than 10 sec, only till you see bubbles and the poori is half fried.

Drain the oil and remove immediately and place on paper napkin. If you think its oily, dab it with paper nakin lightly, not completely. If you dab them completely, they will not crisp up.

Put about a tablespoon or 2 of the stuffing and roll it. Roll it with sides inside first and then from bottom to top, with the seem facing down.
Leave it on the paper napkin untill it cools and crisps up.
You will have to work with the poori quickly, so that it doesn't crisp up before you roll it.

I garnished it with coarsely powdered pistachios and kesar (saffron).

Serve as a snack or a dessert. Enjoy!!!


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