Monday, March 7, 2011

Scallion Pancakes ~ Chinese style

For the 5th day of the is a restaurant recreation!...yum fun when you can make it at home whenever you want it or feel like it!

Pancakes??? why are they called pancakes?...OK they are savory pancakes, but totally different from the pancakes we know!!

I haven't heard about these untill 5 years ago, someone asked me if I had eaten scallion pancakes. I shook my head 'NO' and what are they?

After that incident is when I learnt that the good Chinese restuarant in our area also has them on their menu. After tasting them once, mind you, we like it spicy, so lots of hot oil and the dipping sauce being used here...we love them and cannot stop from ordering them anytime we go there.

Now my children are also addicted to them and that is all they eat as their dinner or for appetizer. So now I tried making them at home and though they are not the exact reproduction of what we get the restaurant, but they are very close.

I have not seen cheese added to the pancakes....but which kid will refuse it when cheese it added?? surely makes it more yummy...I tried it both ways....
MY kids like it plain and with cheese....they like it plain and no dipping sauce, but I surely love it with dipping sauce...

But don't go in PF Chang's and ask for scallion pancakes...cos I did that in LA and they didn't know what they were....Maybe its an East coast thingi...or maybe not....only few restuarants carry them for sure!

Makes 2 scallion pancakes


1 cup All Purpose Flour
pinch of salt
few drops of oil
Water to knead

Chopped green scallions, spring onions, green onions
pinch of salt
shredded cheese (optional)

Few more drops of oil for frying the pancake


Mix in the flour, salt and oil with water. Knead into a soft dough. Keep aside for 20 minutes.
Roll the dough out into a thin circle.
Sprinkle the chopped scallions along with some salt on it. (if adding cheese, add it too)
Start rolling the dough into a tube, elongating it as you roll.
Now roll it into a spiral, with ends tucked in.
Roll out the spiral into a pancake, not too thin.
Fry on a flat pan or griddle, till it browns on both sides. Add few drops of oil on both side and brown more.
Remove and serve hot, cut into triangles with dipping sauce.

Dipping sauce:

1 part soy sauce
1 part vinegar or rice vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar
few red pepper flakes
few scallions
small chopped garlic (optional)


Mix everything together and serve.

Serve the Scallion pancakes hot with the dipping sauce. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Yummy looks perfect. Once i had this in Chinese restaurant and i loved them. Soon will prepare this. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Very nice. I liked it even though it is probably a challenge for me to make my kids eat this. Did you know there is a recipe called Scallion pancakes which use yeast? I thought you made that when I saw the title.

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    US Masala

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  8. restaurant style scallion pancakes looks perfect n yum!!

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  10. Definitely have not seen these in restaurants here. Butlove this . I make this with scallions and wheat flour. This once with cheese looks great. Kids will love these.

  11. Perfect for kid's lunch boxes too, right?

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  15. Wow Smitha, That is a stack of absolute deliciousness!

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  22. Ah!! All your pancakes seriously look amazing!

  23. Hey Smitha, that's a lovely idea- savory pancakes! And the pictorial makes it all so simple and easy to follow. Thanks for the recipe!


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