Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Falafel Wraps ~ Semi-Homemade

Falafel is something I crave from time to time, to have it made in very less time, I use the semi-homemade way.
Buy store bought falafel mix, add a touch of my own and create a wrap!!.. how easy can that be.
I got attanched to falafels while growing up in the Gulf. There was this tiny hole in the wall shop, where fresh falafels used to be made and sold. Whenever we went that way, my Dad would get some and we sibling would gobble them up in the car on our way home. Crispy, fresh falafel made a nice snack on our way back home from shopping!!
Making the mix is not difficult, that is from scratch I mean, but using the mix from store makes life easier. :))
Well in this recipe mostly everything is store brought, I just put everything together.
It makes for a great evening snack or a light dinner.


1 box of Falafel mix
1 box of roasted red pepper hummus
few sweet pickles
few jalapenos
few olives
chopped lettuce
pita poctkets cut into halves

Oil for deep frying falafel balls

You can add more ingredients or delete a few if you like. Make it as you would like it.
I like more spicy and wouldn't mind a touch of sriracha to it...yum spicy!! Thats what I like about semi-homemade, it gives the freedom to make it according to our tastebuds!! :))
The falafels and hummus can always be homemade. I will post it when I make it ;))


Mix the falafel mix into batter according to instructions on the box. Make into balls.
Deep fry the balls in Oil until brown. Remove onto paper napkin to drain out excess oil.

Lather the pitas pockets with the hummus on both sides.
Put atleast 3 falafel balls inside the pocket. Add the pickles, lettuce and jalapenos. You can also add tomatoes and olives if you want.

Serve warm or cold. Enjoy!!!


  1. they r my fav too! they look really delicious!

  2. Just tempting wraps, feel like grabbing..

  3. OMG I love falafal this is my fav meal wish I can get one pocket...

  4. All time fav..Just love to have right away!!

  5. You got me craving for it!!! Excellent pics...I love falafal , but did not know how to make it at home. This is a great way to start, Thanks for the recipe!!

  6. oh i love ur idea of semi home good and quick :)

  7. yummy falafel wrap smitha...looks superb, delicious!!

  8. Feel like having a bite,so tempting!


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