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Happy Sankranthi with Madatha Kaja

Happy Sankranthi with Madatha Kaja ....unusual isn't it....
Okok...First of all... HAPPY SANKRANTHI everybody....HAPPY PONGAL!! HAPPY KITE FLYING to everyone in India!

Hope everyone is cooking yummy goodies and eating them tooo....well eating and feeding everyone too....(Y should we only gain all the weight...LOL)
Coming to the Madatha Kaja part....I was thinking what sweet to make and decide to make this since it has been very long that I have made it...and last time I did make, it wasn't a true success. But this time I have passed it and made it perfectly!!

Kaja is one of most sweets which is particular to the Andhra region. And out of all the kajas there are Madatha Kaja is the most popular one, the other one being Kakinada kaja. Let me tell you, both taste equally awesome and delicious!!!
According to me (this is my theory)....there are actually 2 types of kajas -- Madatha Kaja and Kakinada Kaja or Gottam Kaja (popular in the East Godavari region of Andhra). Under Madatha Kaja there are 2 categories -- Tapeswaram kaja and Madatha Kaja. The difference being how they are layered and rolled.

I learned about Tapeswaram Kaja only recently. My Mom has always made it the other way, the other madatha kaja, layering it with lots of pooris and rolling it to get the layers.
While in Tapeswaram kaja, a single poori is made and rolled tightly for the layers.

Kakinada Kaja is different. Its more like a log which when soaked in sugar syrup, the sugar syrup gets inside the kaja. So when you bite into it, its dry outside and syrupy inside....ooohhh too gooooodd....This is probably my favorite. I am going to try to make these soon...since these have come out perfect...I have the courage to try Kakinada kaja next! :)

All what I have written in my knowledge and my knowledge if you have any more additions and anything wrong above...let me know!
I searched for an easy recipe on the web...and one recipe came up I don't know who to give credit to??!! ....So if you guys know whose recipe it actually is...let me know and I will put it in my post!

I have made it both ways...I means rolling it both ways...the Tapeswaram way and regular way...Pics on both ways too...
I made them smaller than the regular size, so that I can have control on how many I eat...small size - lesser it goes into me....but can we really do control????....SO I call them 'MINI' Kajas


2 cups Maida, All purpose flour
1/4 tsp Baking powder
4 tbsp Vegetable Shortening
water for kneading in soft dough

For putting between the layers:

1/4 cup Rice flour
4 tbsp melted ghee

For Syrup:

Sugar 2 cups
1 cup water

Oil for deep frying


Mix the Maida, baking powder and shortening together into crumbs.
Knead the dough with warm water, to a soft dough. Keep aside for atleast 30 minutes.

Meanwhile make the sugar syrup with 2 cups sugar and 1 cup water. After all the sugar melts. Keep it on low heat, just to keep the syrup warm.

Make a paste of rice and melted ghee.

Madatha Kaja:

Make 4-5 balls or more (I made 4) of the dough.
Roll it out to thin sheet. Keep aside, covered with a wet napkin to not let it dry out.
Roll each small ball the same way.
Now layer them up, spreading the rice flour paste between each layer.
Slowly start rolling from one side, as tightly as possible.
Cut into 1 inch pieces or smaller or larger. Flatten the kaja from the top.

Fry in the heated oil on medium to low heat....this is very crucial, as this will help in cooking of all layers. Otherwise, the outside would get brown and the inside would not be cooked. SO VERY IMPORTANT! It took me atleast 10 minutes for each batch.

After they brown, immediately add to the warm sugar syrup. Leave in it for atleast 10 mins before removing them and keeping aside for eating or storing.

For Tapeswaram kaja:

Roll it out to a single poori a thin as you can. If you think the ball is too big, divide into 2 balls.
Spread the rice flour paste on the single poori and start rolling from one end tightly.
Cut into pieces, flatten and fry in oil.

Serve warm, they are very yummy when they are warm....but the are even awesome when cold...
They don't store for long....1 week at the in an air tight container.

Sending this to Tickling Palates 'Deep Fried Snacks' event.


  1. madatha kaja looks awesome...i am looking forward to your kakinada kaja..all the best : )happy pongal to you and and your family...


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  2. lovely post- have heard about this sweet but never made on my own--bookmarked! Seasons Greetings to u & family !

  3. Woww pass me some,feel like munching some.Makara Sankranti wishes to u and ur family Smitha..

  4. wow! that looks like a lot of effort went into it and it came out really great. Really like your step-by-step detail. Nice work!

    Happy Pongal to you and and your family :)

    US Masala

  5. Kajas look simply irresistible and mouthwatering,Happy Pongal to you.

  6. First time here and loved this recipe, they look so flaky and sweet and just what i'd love :)

  7. Delicious sweet...
    Happy Pongal!!

  8. Would love to have one of those, still warm. Looks sooooo yum!!!

  9. Happy sankranti to u too..Lovely space u have here & now glad to be following u..:)

  10. This is a very useful and informative presentation for this lovely recipe!

  11. Happy Sankranthi to you and ur family the sweet looks great :)

  12. Wow, that sounds really tasty!


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