Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Garden!!

Before I get into writing about food, let me tell you guys about my garden. Every Summer I try to have as many types of flowers possible, so that I feel good about it in winter, that I haven't missed out on gardening.
This summer as I was not here, all the credit of keeping my garden well done, goes to my Dad. We not only have wonderful flowers but also tomatoes, chillies  (yet to come) and leafy veggies (spinach, thotha koora and gongura- sorrel leaves) too.
These pics I took aren't taken at the best of time, I mean silly me took pics after plucking all the leaves off the stems!!! I will take more pics when there are more leaves on the plants!!
Here I leave you guys with some pictures to enjoy!!

Roses: There were more which my camera could catch...cos I was in India :)

 Pink Peonies

More Flowers:

Kanakambaram or Fire Cracker flower



Lilies and Gladioli: There were more colors which bloomed while I wasn't here!! These are the remenants

More flowers and mums!!

Jasmine and Kankambaram

Here are the leafy veggies without much leaves, tomatoes and chillies...I will surely catch some better pictures in a few days...

Tomatoes peaking thru leaves

Tomatoes collected!! + more enjoyed!!

Sorrel leaves, Gongura leaves
Shakambari Devi Prasadam, Andhra Shakam!!!
But with leaves plucked for gongura chutney!!!

Tota koora and Mirchi Plants
Tota koora- leaves gone into curry
Mirchi, still blooming!!

Spinach- again leaves gone into curry!!


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