Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back from a semi-sweet trip to India!!

I call it semi-sweet, cos it seemed like we were running to see one doctor or other for either of my sons or for myself. Enjoyed less and visited a variety of hospitals!!!....isn't that a enjoyment in itself!!
It started with me falling sick couple of days before we left and still is continuing with my little one falling sick after we came back!!... how complicated can it get!!!....
Anyways I am happy to be back with sore memories of not able to enjoy some good food @ restaurants, street food and also pani pooris on the street side!!!...tho I did have mirchi bajjis couple of times....I am not satisfied...:(
So I need to satisfy myself by cooking for myself....how enjoyable is that...:))
lolzzz...anywayz here I am and will be blogging soon...so keep watching this space!!!


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