Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Orange Berry Juice

My kids cannot wait for summer to arrive. Fresh fruits have just started coming into the markets and they are asking for smoothies...But I am still restraining from making them because of the chilliness. No icecream or even ice for that matter. But with the temperatures just warming up, I gave in to the wonderful mixed up fruit juice their father came up with at 10 in the night. Mind you, only some ice, cos it was already 10 in the night, and juice before bed!!! OK well its OK sometimes....I guess...


couple of juice oranges, peeled
handful of strawberries, washed
handful of blackberries, washed
handful of rasberries, washed
enough sugar to suit your taste
little bit of ice and cold water


Grind everything together with sugar, ice and water. Serve cold or chilled. Enjoy!!

And what better time for him to make it...to send it to Srivalli's 'Thanda mela'. ;)...keep a look out.... many more coming!!!


  1. Wow! Smitha Orange Berry Juice looks very refreshing..the picture is too tempting..feelng like grabbing it from the screen!

  2. wow i like this juice , looks great have to try this

  3. refreshing juice for hot summer....loved the juice color....nice clicks...

  4. Looks delicious and refreshing.Healthy too.

  5. Sounds refreshing with berries drink!

  6. Looks so refreshing also very delicious. I am really excited to try this. I will also add some goji berries in it because Goji berries are the superfruit among all the berries. Berry is a fabulous health fruit that contains almost all the essential nutrients that are required by the body for better health. Thanks for the nice recipe.
    Goji berry juice


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