Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kandi Podi / Lentil powder 1

There are many variations of powders or podis made to eat with idli or dosa and this is one of them.
My Mom has always made it this way from our childhood and we love it. This even tastes yummy with hot rice with oil or ghee. If eaten with oil its called 'powder-oil'.
My Mother-in-law makes it a little different from this. My kids call this podi white powder and eat it with idli or dosa. This is the only powder they eat with, they require no chutney. I try to give them mixed with little ghee because of the spice, but they rather eat it without the ghee. :)
When ever my Mom or Mother-in-law is here they have always made it for me and I never made it by my self. But I know how easy it is to make it, I can make it any time.
Just remember to dry roast the ingredients in the order it is given, separately.


1 cup kandi pappu / toor daal
1/3 cup channaga pappu / channa daal

1 tsp jeera / cumin seeds
8 dry red chillies

1 tbsp dhaniya seeds / coriander seeds (not powder, 1-2 pulse of grinder / mixie)

salt to taste

6 cloves of garlic, crushed (last)


Dry roast kandi pappu / toor daal and channaga pappu / channa daal together in a kadai till light brown and keep aside.
Dry roast jeera / cumin seeds and dry red chillies together till fragrant and keep aside.
Dry roast dhaniya seeds / coriander seeds till fragrant and keep aside.
When everything is cool, grind the kandi pappu, channaga pappu, cumin and dry red chillies to a powder.
Only pulse the dhaniya seeds so that they are halved, not powdered.
Mix everything together well with enough salt.
Crush the garlic to small pieces and mix into the powder well.
Store in an air tight container. It will keep good for a very long time.
It's ready to eat!! Enjoy!!!

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