Tuesday, March 16, 2010

50th post, Happy Ugadi with Ugadi Pachadi

HAPPY UGADI  to everyone!!!.. May this year bring lots of happiness into your life!!

As my husband is in India on work, I will be celebrating Ugadi alone with the kids this year. I am used to making lot of food on festival days, but this year since I will have to eat everything if I make a lot, so I decided against it. I am going to unconventional and not make the typical festival food I make this year, but instead I will make something easy and in less quantity is what I thought. So I started out by making Ugadi Pachadi which is like a must on Ugadi. Then I made Paramaannam as Naivedyam for God. Then I made Kobbari annam or Coconut rice. Then since I felt like eating Perugu annam or curd rice, I made that too. So was that less food??.. hmph!!...if I start in the kitchen, I just keep going.........
Anyways, here is Ugadi Pachadi celebrating my 50th post (alone) and Happy Ugadi once again to everyone!!!
In my Ugadi pachadi I only put tamarind, coconut, mango, banana, putnalu pappu (soft channa daal), jaggary and neem ka phool or vepa pootha. Now where do I get vepa pootha?? Well, I ask my Mother-in-law to dry the flowers when they are in season and store them. I do this the year I go to India. Its only thinking ahead. Here in US, I refrigerate them and they last me 2 years atleast, till the next time I go to India.
If I put anymore fruits into the pachadi, my husband would ask me if I made pachadi or fruit salad!!!:)

Ugadi Pachadi


1 big lemon sized ball of tamarind (juices squeezed)
1 cup grated jaggary
1/2 cup coconut, cut in small pieces
1/2 raw mango, cut into small pieces (or more)
1/4 cup soft channa daal or putnalu pappu
1 banana, cut into small pieces
some vepa pootha or neem ka phool (optional)
some water, you can use coconut water if you like


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Add the vepa pootha in the end. Serve to GOD and Enjoy with your family and friends!!!

Prep time: 15min for chopping, 5min for mixing, 10min to relax, eat and enjoy!


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