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Tortilla Pizza - my older Son's recipe

Tortilla Pizza - my older Son's recipe

Everyday after my son comes back from school, he needs a snack. He is really very hungry, so he needs a big snack!
Today he came up with this recipe and asked me to make it for him. He gave me his idea of using the tortilla, putting marinara sauce, and the cheese on it. I added the veggies to it. He even helped me making his own one and I made mine with whole lot extra veggies and less cheese.
He thinks he came up with whole idea of the pizza on a tortilla, but I think he must have seen it somewhere and picked it up from his memory. I didn't tell him that tho, just played along.
I had only small size tortillas at home, so we used them. I used Ragu's chunky garden marinara sauce, and shredded mixed pizza cheese which is readily available in our refrigerater.

I thought using only one tortilla would make it too thin and fragile after adding the veggies and cheese, so I used 2.


His Pizza:

2 tortillas
2-3 tbsp of marinara sauce
chopped onions
chopped tomatoes
3-4 tbsp cheese

My Pizza:

2 tortillas
2-3 tbsp of marinara sauce
chopped onions
chopped green bell pepper
chopped red bell pepper
(you can use any other veggies or toppings you want and in any amount)
(I sauteed my veggies before adding them on the tortilla, raw veggies are also fine)
1-2 tbsp cheese


Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F.
Assemble the tortillas on a baking sheet. Spread the marinara sauce over it. Assemble the veggies over the tortilla. Last spread the cheese. I haven't added any herbs, but you are more than welcome to, to make it more flavorful! Bake at 400 till the cheese melts. Since the tortillas are thin, they will get crispy.
Serve hot or warm. Enjoy!!!

Tip: This is good way to get kids involved in cooking if they are interested. This is easy and as long as they don't have to go near the hot oven or stove when an adult is helping them.

This is going to Kid's Delight wholesome snacks hosted by Srivalli on her blog. 
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