Friday, December 10, 2010

Few Awards to share with you guys!! and a few thoughts!

Howz winter treating you all?...howz the shopping going?...howz planning for the upcoming holidays coming along?....howz planning for the NEW YEAR coming along?
Anyone travelling for the holidays?....and the big question of all WHATS COOKING???

OKOK done with my questions....on to what I really want to say....

I want to first Thank all of you guys who visit my blog regularly and enjoy my recipes and pictures. Thanx for all your support!
And Thanks to all of you who leave such wonderful comments for me to read. You guys make my day and bring a smile to my face :))
I hope my recipes are worth trying and satisfying to you. I would really love to know if you guys tried any of the recipe and how they have come out.
Any suggestions and variations will be well appreciated. It will surely help me in reshaping this blog to be helpful to everyone and also fun to read.
I am so happy to see my followers steadily increasing after all the problems I had with google connect.
Soon my blog will be 1 year old(in January) and hopefully, by then I will be able to make all the necessary changes to it to make it more pour in your suggestions, will be looking forward to reading every one of them.
I am looking forward to expanding it more with more options, choices, and more easier to navigate it thru!

Awards Time!!

I recently received couple of awards and didn't want to mix them up with the regular posting them as a whole new post!
These awards, I am sharing with all my readers, Thanks a lot guys!!! and guys who have their own blogs, please feel free to pick them up and display them in your blog!

First one is from Biny Anoop from Biny's recipes. Being a Nurse and that too in Ireland, must be really fun. Thanx Biny for sharing this lovely award with me! Hope you are enjoying the snow and winter :))
Guys hop over to Biny's Recipes blog to get some awesome recipes to try out and make for the winter!

The other one is from Kurinji from Kurinji Kathambam. She has many interests and a wonderful blog, where she even has step by step Kolams, Rangoli, Muggulu....remember those which we enjoyed as a kid. I did and I miss it. I love watching all the different muggulu on her site, reminds me of my childhood days!
So guys hop over to her blog and enjoy her muggulu like me!

Another award I just rec'd from Akila of Learning to cook....Thanx Akila!!
Hop on to Akila's Blog for yummy recipes!!

According to the award rules I need to personally let you guys know to pick up the award, which I will do...going on my blog rounds now!:)
Thanks for your support guys!! Love you all!
Happy Holidays...Merry Christmas....Happy New Year....



  1. Thanks a ton surely brings a smile....congrats to u as well...enjoy dear.

  2. wow, congrats on all ur well deserved awards!

  3. deserve this and many more dear.

  4. Congrats for the awards and many thanks for sharing them.

  5. Congrats smitha..wishing u many more to come :)

  6. Congrats on all the awards Smitha.

  7. Congrats on ur awards Smitha, keep going gal..

  8. Congrats on the well deserved awards!

  9. congrats well deserved Smitha
    thanks for the colour :)

  10. Congrats on your awards and a bunch of thanks for sharing it with me.

    Aaha Oho

  11. Congrats dearie... Wish you many more. Thanks a lot for sharing the awards with me.. i am so excited n honored!!

    US Masala

  12. Congrats on all those well-deserved awards, happy holidays...

  13. Congrats on your Awards dear...You will deserve all these..


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