Thursday, February 21, 2013

Avacado Coconut chutney

I just can't believe how fast the days go by when you don't notice...that's what I think! And so slow goes a 'day' when you keep thinking when will the day end!
Well that's how slow a day goes when you are home caring for a sick child at home. My little one was sick..not really really sick...he has been coughing his lungs off for the past 2 he was home coughing, and not eating much. You try your best to get food and fluids into him...but you know how they win over us!
Well he is much better today, so I sent him to school. His main concern (for being a kindergartner) is that he has to 'write'. Yes he has no problem to go to school but all his problem starts when he has to 'write'. Well I did prepare him a little bit, I hope it helps and he will write better today and enjoy his school day with much less coughing!

I am sure everyone make salsa and guacamole at home. Here I just added some Indian ingredients and made it into a chutney which can be eaten with a regular Indian breakfast like idlis and dosas. Actually I have tried it with rice and a bit of ghee and it tastes just as good.
So you all know how good avocado is for you right. That added with some coconut makes it not only healthy but also flavorful too. 


1 Avocado
1/2 cup grated coconut (fresh or frozen)
2-3 garlic cloves
3-4 green chilies (or less)
1/2 tbsp to 1 tbsp lemon juice
salt to taste

For tempering:

1/4 tsp urad dal / minapa pappu
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp jeera or cumin seeds
1 dry red chili
few curry leaves
1 tbsp coconut oil (you can use extra virgin olive oil or any other oil you prefer)


Grind the first 6 ingredients into a smooth or a not so smooth (if you like it chunky) textured paste.

Heat the oil in a small pan. Add the mustard seeds, cumin and urad dal. Let this start to splutter before adding red chili and curry leaves. This is splutter almost immediately (after adding the curry leaves), remove and add to the chutney.

Serve as a dip or with idlis, Dosas or rice. Tastes good either way with all the healthy and yummy ingredients in one dish! Or if you like slather some on some toasted bread and savor it! :)



  1. Neat idea smitha, iam gonna use guacamole instead of avocado since we don't buy avocado.

  2. creamy chuntney never thought these 2 will go together

  3. lovely idea, looks yumm i will surely try this

  4. wow...look very creamy n healthy chutney....soo tempting pic..

  5. Avocado coconut chutney, thats surely very new and innovative for me.

  6. Such a wonderful ides to use the avocado's. I need to try this :)

  7. Interesting recipe. New approach to use avocado in indian way.

  8. So yummy chutney, sounds healthy too..

  9. 1st time here. You have a great space. Happy to follow u. Lets keep in touch



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