Monday, February 13, 2012

Martinelli's Vanilla Ice cream float for Valentine's Day

Hi Everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope you missed me :) just kidding!!

Hopefully my computer problems are solved for the time being and I will be able to blog more often! Well what can you say 'Technology'...its likes you or it doesn't!

But for sure I am loving my iPhone it has helped me in not missing a day of my photo blog :) I could use it very easily to post pictures right from my phone!
As I wanted to edit pictures for this blog, I couldn't use it as such! But that's fine, something better than nothing right! :)

With Valentine's day here already, I am sure you guys must be looking up recipes to make this day as special as it can be! Bakes and cakes, pinks and red, Chocolates and more chocolates, and every other thing which that special one is bound to fall in love with. Why only that special one, it can also be done to make yourself feel better, a pat in the back, a treat for yourself. :) Don't you think!?

If you are going out for dinner, then you are going to have a relaxing day, but if you are going to be preparing a special meal at home, like me, then be ready for a tiring whole lot of work! :) Well yes....its surely a whole lot of work, the tension of coming up with a meal plan and executing it...which may go well with the family or they might just smile or they might not even give a word of appreciation! Well even if that's the case, I will be preparing a home made meal for this Valentine's day and I chose items which I know all my family will enjoy and love!

So as a treat at the end of the day, I have decided to go for a ice cream float. My kids love this it surely is very delicious!

Floats are usually made of root beer and vanilla ice cream but who said we can't try out new flavors which are much more enjoyable than root beer. 

So I have decided to make it with what I have at home at that being "Martinelli's Sparkling apple cider" with vanilla ice cream...yum! :) Easy to put together and very much enjoyable as a dessert drink for that quiet candle light dinner or a enjoyable family time with the kids included!

** You can use any kind of sparkling soda or as a matter of fact any soda will be just fine...Choose your flavor! :) Orange soda, grape soda, ginger ale, sprite or coca cola or Pepsi even.


8 oz of Martinelli's Apple cider (I had apple cider with berry flavor)
1 big scoop of Vanilla ice cream
Apple slices for garnish


In a glass, drop a scoop of ice cream and fill it up with the apple cider.
Garnish with Apple slices.



  1. Wow, nice idea for parties too..

  2. Lovely looking vanilla ice cream float. Happy valentine day to you as well.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. looks wonderful ....
    Happy valentine's Day :)

  4. wow dear....that sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. wow...yummy n delicious icecream float...

  6. Looking yummy and very cool drink ...Hope u get back ur system soon ..till then we will enjoy ur photos..

  7. Soda floats are perfect to end special heavy meals.. Pass me one please. Lovely color also.
    Happy V day to you.
    Love Ash.

  8. Hi Smitha,

    My name is Warren, and I work for Martinelli's. I wanted you to know that we love this simple and delicious recipe, have have shared it on our Facebook page (, retweeted your tweet about it (, and pinned the first picture on this post to our Pinterest account (

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  9. Happy Valentine's day.. look gorgeous..

  10. That's cool !somehow I don't like root beer :-) This looks terrific, a special treat for the special day ! Happy V day

  11. absolutely love the color of the float :) Exotic drink - perfect for a Valentine's treat :)

  12. Haven't had ice cream floats in a real long time. And now I want one... ! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's, xo!

  13. Love this drink...simple and delicious..


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