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Bobbatlu / Pappu Polilu / Bhakshalu / Puran Poli / Sweet Jaggery filling stuffed flat bread

Bobbatlu / Obattu / Pappu Polilu / Bhakshalu / Puran Poli / Sweet Jaggery filling stuffed Indian flat bread.
So many names for a such a yummy treat, but all it is a sweet jaggery filled surely is a treat tho, a speciality of for any festival and mainly for the coming festival - Sankranthi - Festival of Kites and Colors..thats how I remember it!!
Mine here is a very easy version of the very difficult way to doing can call it the not so very traditional Bobbatlu or Bakshalu.
If you want to go even more easy...go for the Halwa polilu....that surely is more easy!

Everyone has their own way of making polis....some add sesame seeds or coconut.
It taste wonderful with any of these ingredients for sure.

As I said mine is the not so traditional, because this is made purely with all purpose flour or maida, instead I used whole wheat flour with very little maida.
Maida helps it stretching the covering for the filling out to as thin as possible. That's why adding little to the dough will help in rolling out thin polis.

These are traditional rolled or palm pressed with ghee, but I roll them out, because it hurts after a while to press them with hand and you really need to use a lot of ghee! They are even fried with a dollop of ghee...more tastes the best!
But to keep it on the more healthier side and suitable to enjoy it without guilt, my version has very little ghee and I make it with whole wheat flour.
If you like it more stuffed, just add more filling.


3/4 cup channa dal , Chenaga pappu
1/4 cup split Moong Dal, Pesara pappu
1 cup broken or shaved jaggery ( more or less)
pinch of cardamom powder, elaichi
2 tbsp grated coconut

For Dough:

11/2 cups Whole wheat flour
1/2 cup all purpose flour, maida
pinch of salt
1 tbsp oil or ghee, neyyi
enough warm water knead into soft dough

To roll out and fry:

enough flour to roll out
oil or ghee to apply on both sides while frying on tawa


Wash the chenaga pappu and pesara pappu 2-3 times, add 3 times the water and pressure cook it for 6-7 whistles. The dal should be cooked totally and the water should be almost gone.
(But my water wasn't gone....I add more, because I am scared that the dal wouldn't cook completely)

When the pressure is gone and you can open the cooker, add the jaggery to the dal and let it simmer, making it thicker.

Add in the cardamom powder and coconut.

If you think its taking long time for the water to evaporate....transfer it into a microwave safe bowl and heat it microwave, stirring every 2-3 minutes. I figured this method is much quicker than waiting for it to thicken on the stove.

Leave it aside to cool, after it reaches the desired consistency.

Knead the dough using the above ingredients into a soft dough and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Make small golf size balls of the sweet filling and keep aside.

Pinch of golf size balls of the dough and flatten it enough on the edges, leaving it thicker in the middle, as to cover the filling when placed in the middle.

Flatten it in your hand, spreading the filling out in all directions, before rolling it out using the rolling pin. This helps so that the filling doesn't come out of the covering.

Fry it on the hot tawa, until brown spots appear on both sides, apply oil or ghee on both sides and brown it more.

Serve as Naivedhym.

Serve hot with extra ghee.



  1. This is my fav !! you done it perfectly !! looks very yummy !!

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    Hope your new year is off to a great start! Good to be back commenting on all your wonderful recipes :) cheers, Priya

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