Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hosting MEC - Simple and Easy All Time Snacks

Things have been pretty busy around here, Inlaws, kids vacation, friends...busy and fun time! Very very busy weekends as we are pretty much out of the house all day! Can't think of a more fun stuff to do, but things do come our way and we are making full use of time we have in hand!

MEC is being hosted here again after a long time. This time the theme being, Microwave Easy Cooking - Simple and Easy All Time Snacks, THANKS to Srivalli from Cooking 4 all Seasons who is the brain behind this wonderful event.

Dishes can be sweet or savory, and can be made using many or few go ahead and start making those yummy yummy dishes!!

I will be accepting both VEG and NON-VEG recipes.
ALL DISHES must be churned out from your MICROWAVE AND MICROWAVE ONLY! NO STOVETOP AT ALL FOR THE WHOLE RECIPE. Tho you can use blenders, mixies, food processors, BUT NO STOVETOP!

Rules are as follows:

1. VEG and NON-VEG DISHES accepted

2. All cooking must be done in the MICROWAVE only, that is final product must come out of the Microwave. Blenders, mixies, grinders, food processors allowed! Imagine you are left alone on an island with only a MICROWAVE and the ingredients!

3.MULTIPLE entries are allowed.

4. Two entries from archives allowed, as long as its reposted with LOGO and LINK.

5.LINK back to this announcement and Srivalli's MEC announcement page in your post.

6.Use of LOGO is mandatory, fun way to spread the word around!

7.Sure you can send in posts you sent to other events!.. No probs at all!

8.NON-BLOGGERs - Welcome and please do send in your entries...good way to showcase them and be PROUD of them!!!

9.DEADLINE is on the 31st July...I will surely accept entries sent on the last minute of that day too!! ;))

10.After POSTING, EMAIL me the following details @ with MEC-Simple and Easy all time Snacks as the subject.

Your Name:
Your Blog's name
Your Dish:
Your Dish's URL on your blog:
Picture attachment

Please so send in ur lovely entries...will be looking forward to enjoying all kinds of easy snacks!


  1. Thanks for hosting Smitha...looking forward for entries..

  2. Hi Smitha,

    Have emailed you my entry for Khaman Dhokla. Happy hosting :)

  3. Hi Shweta,
    I have sent ou my recipe. Happy hosting !!

    Do check my blog when you find time.

    Sharan's Samayalarai

  4. Mailed u my entry Smitha. Happy hosting...

  5. Hi smitha

    I sent my link recipe for chocolate coffee mug cake...plz check ur email...awaiting to hear your comments dear.plz follow me on my blog.
    Happy to follow to ur space dear.

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