Friday, September 2, 2011

Announcing Event - "Healing Foods - Berries" and 'Pritya Books' Giveaway!!

Hi Guys...How is everyone holding up after Ganesh Chathurthi festivities?...How much did you eat and how much weight did you gain? just kidding!!

Well Summer is almost coming to an end and I am sure everyone has taken full advantage of all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables that are available to you during this time. If not, then there is still some time left.....Go on and enjoy!!....and whip up some delightful recipes and send to them to my event selfish me!!:)

I am happy to announce "Healing Food - Berries"  - an beautiful and interesting series started by Siri of Cooking with Siri. I am actually late...sorry...but you guys still have a month!

I am sure everyone already knows the important benifits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Getting them into our diet in any form is quite important.
Berries are rich in many vitamins and also anti-oxidants which has everyone is raving about, very important to our diet. They also keep our skin healthy and shining too.

They actually taste very good when added to any and many recipes in our day to day life...and are also yummy enough to eat with some yogurt topping or just plain.
My Kids cannot get enough of strawberries and blueberries! They just disappear in my fridge!

I found a very interesting website which shows the pictures and also explains how each berry can be used...check it out!

So what are you waiting for!!...Whip up some exciting dishes and send them by email!
Here are the rules and guidelines you goto follow :))

1. Whip up any dish with berries as one of the main ingredient. The berries used can be of any stage of ripe or raw. It can be a main course, appetizer, side dish or a dessert or a snack or anything you think of! 

2. Please link to this page and Siri's Healing Foods event announcement page.

3. Send in as many entries as you wish. I will also accept old entries as long as they are reposted and  linked back here and Siri's page.

4. Use of logo is appreciated

5. Ends on Sept 30th 2011

6. Send an email to Smitha(dot)Joga(@)gmail(dot)com with the following details:
Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL:
Picture (resized to 400 px)

7. Non-bloggers can also participate. Send in your recipe with a picture to the above email id.

Coming to the interesting part of this event....There is a Giveaway yaaaaayy!!!

Two randamly selected LUCKY WINNERS will win EITHER of the two beautiful and interesting cookbooks by Jigaysa and Pratibha of Pritya Books. I would surely love to own these books. Two really good Books - Check them out below!

Awarded Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World 2006, this book features traditional recipes by documenting the culinary legacy of an illustrious Indian grandmother.

Winner of Best Health & Nutrition Book in the World 2009 – Second Place, this Indian cookbook is a guide to healthy eating & has been researched at Kerala Ayurveda & Yoga retreat near Pune.

You donot have to be in India or in USA to win these books....They will be shipped to anywhere in the world!
If you have any questions, drop me an email and it will be answered the same day or the next.
Have fun cooking with berries in the next few weeks....Enjoy!!!


  1. that is a great theme for healing foods. Will surely try something out as I would love to win those 2 books :)

  2. Happy hosting,such a wonderful choice.

  3. Thanks for the giveaways Smitha !

    Would LOVE to win either of these books :)


  4. Hi,

    I just sent my entry for "Healing Foods-Berries event". Enjoy



  5. have heard wonderful things about both books! Will definitely take part in your awesome event Smitha! It's one of my favourite themes too :) Hmmm so many wonderful things to do with berries...

  6. Beautiful event...and nice giveaway choice....happy hosting Smitha.

  7. will surely try to participate Smitha - happy hosting dear

  8. Thanks for hosting this month Smitha. Berries is such a versatile theme. I am sure everybody will have fun cooking for it.

    Happy Hosting,

  9. hello smitha this is first time to your blog. Happy to follow you. Hope you will stop by mine too!!!

  10. Nice event Smitha, will send my entries soon.

    Do checkout my Events page,

  11. Hey Smitha...First time on your blog...You have a very nice space...Happy to join you dear...Do visit me at

  12. Hi Smitha... Nice event... will try to send my entries soon..

  13. Happy hosting...really nice theme indeed and the books are so very tempting. Will definitely try to make a contribution.

  14. Happy Hosting Smitha Dear.. will sure send my entries soon..

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  15. Hi Smitha,

    Can it be Gooseberry/Nellikai recipe for the event?
    Do let me know. Glad to follow you.

    Do drop in my space when time permits. You can also announce the event here

  16. Hi Smitha,
    I have just emailed you my entry for your event...

    Here is the link..

    Happy hosting .

  17. sent u an entry just now dear.. pl confirm receipt

  18. Hi Smitha,

    I have emailed the entry as well.

  19. Hi Smitha,
    Posted my recipe @

    Incidentally Cooking with Pedatha is a book I am dying to own and on my husband's shopping list on his trip to India...coincidence eh?

  20. Hi Smitha

    I just submitted my Blackberry Cobbler recipe to the event. Thanks again for sharing all these wonderful food events.



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