Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool down the heat with fruity 'Strawberry Mango Ice Pops or Lollies'!!

This is a very simple recipe with simple ingredients :). Good for kids and adults to enjoy!!!
 I had the pop moulds from God know when. I had never used them. So this time decided to to put them into use by making these fruit pops. The temps have been going overboard...makes me ask...'Where is Spring??' Anyways , I have been soo bz that probably I haven't noticed that its gone or is it gone??
We don't usually get the high temps right in May...thats what July and August are here for!!
Coming to the lollies....I used fresh starwberries with canned mango pulp, but fresh mango can always be used. I used very less sugar to keep it more natural but add sugar to suit your taste. I made it thick too, so that it will be more fruity.
I used the mould for the bigger size pops and the ice cube tray for the small size ones. The ice cube size ones are easy for the kids to handle. I didn't have any other sticks other than toothpicks which I used as holders for the tray ice pops. You could always break of the sharper end, to be more safe, I didn't. I used 2 picks instead of one, so that it would be stronger!!


10-15 fresh strawberries
1/2 cup mango pulp ( fresh or canned)
enough sugar to suit your taste
some water


Grind all the ingredients together with some water (don't make it too watery).
Pour into moulds or ice cube tray. Use any kind of stick like popsicle sticks or like me use toothpicks for the holders. Place the stick in the center and freeze them for atleast 4-6 hours or untill frozen.
Serve them cold and devour them immediately before they melt :). Enjoy!!!

This is going to the 'Thanda Mela'  hosted by Srivalli from Cooking 4 all Seasons.


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