Monday, February 1, 2010

Masala Chai / Spiced up Tea (Indian style milk Tea)

Masala Chai / Spiced up Tea (Indian style milk Tea)

Masala Chai, a perfect combination to a cold wintery evening. I am neither a habituated tea drinker nor a coffee drinker. I drink tea or coffee only if someone offers me or like this, on a cold evening (temperatures running below zero degrees) is when seriously I feel like drinking some. I make it from time to time in winter. I cannot drink plain coffee or plain tea. It has to be flavored and most importantly with company. So today when my husband came home early and asked for some tea, I made masala chai.

Ingredients: (serves 2)

1 cup water (use the measurement of the cup you are going to serve the tea in)
1 cup milk (I used whole milk)
2 tbsp tea powder (I used Red label)
2 cloves
1 inch cinamon stick
2 elaichi pods crushed
1/2 inch ginger root grated
Sugar as needed


Add water, cloves, cinamon stick, elaichi and grated ginger. Let water get bubbly, not to a full boil before adding the tea powder. Let the water come to a near boil, then add milk. Let this concoction boil up and then turn the heat down and let it boil away for sometime till you get the required color. Keep stirring it if you think the milk is sticking to the bottom. You can either add the sugar directly into the boiling tea or add it into individual cups. Strain the hot tea with a tea strainer into tea cups and enjoy!!! :).
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